4 months later…

*this was written 3 weeks ago

Holy guacamole Batman. After my fifteenth blog post request, I thought, “I better get on this. My fans are waiting.” No time like the present to embrace my guilt and get on with it.

I think all people really want to hear about is Keira and our house, so I might as well please the masses and start there. Phil and I are fine too – thanks for asking!

Little K is now 15 months old. Her vocabulary has changed so much. I think she understands everything, which makes me VERY nervous. Her favourite word at the moment is bubble. Her favourite food is banana. And her favourite objects are boots, books and balls. So pretty much anything that starts with the letter B is her favourite. I’m not sure how many teeth we have now. At least 10, but I’m not allowed to inspect very closely. 2 are very angry molars. Keira is a real trooper though. She very rarely wakes up in the night even when she’s sick. In fact, sometimes she really should notify us that she’s been sick, so that she doesn’t spend all night in her cot surrounded by last night’s dinner.

She’s got a little posse at nursery. There’s 3 of them – Poppy, Lorelei and Keira. They have there own language. They fall asleep holding hands. They wave “buh-bye” to each other. They also seem to steal, smack and cause each other much grief. So basically they are true friends. Keira changes rooms on Monday though, so all that is about to change. Keira will go from being the head cheese to being one of the youngest and possibly the only non-walker.

We bought bikes and today was my first attempt at cycling to nursery. It was tough and I’m glad we all made it out alive. It wasn’t the actual cycling – although the arctic-like temperatures didn’t help – that was difficult. It was the getting on and off and through the nursery gates and out of the house when you have a little person who thinks it’s a great time to bounce up and down on the child seat.

We’ve pretty much all been ill since November, but there’s no real point on dwelling on that. If I seem nonchalant about that fact, I promise you I’m not. I’m actually extremely paranoid and worry so much. So far I have no solution though.

The 2 weeks we were in BC we were all healthy and had the most amazing time. I still can’t believe how everything worked out. It was such an amazing Christmas. We didn’t push it this time by trying to do too much. We got lots of time with family. Of course, it’s never enough and the time flies by and I’m still glad we came. And I hope you all enjoyed seeing us, because we’re never flying again! We are still recovering from flying with a 1-year-old. She decided sleeping was highly over-rated on the way to Vancouver. We did meet the nicest people on the flight though and found comfort with the other parents across the hall who had a son slightly older than Keira.

Is that a good enough Keira update? There’s so much more, but where to stop and start. I’ll probably just need to blog more regularly (hah! no promises!).

When we got back from Canada. Our house was covered in a layer of dust. This was actually amazing news. Our friendly builder, David, had pulled out a chimney, removed two ceilings and re-plastered the whole lot. He managed to do it all in a week, which was actually ahead of schedule. What do you do when you find a good builder? You keep him busy and at your house!

So he moved on to decorating our living room. That’s what they say in England – “decorating.” It just means painting basically. We had plaster cornicing (crown moulding) put up, a new light fixture, radiator and painted the walls and ceiling a dark, dark green-almost-black. I love it!! I couldn’t be happier.

It all sounds very lovely; however, Phil says we’re basically “glamping.” We have exposed floorboards, which are permanently dusty. A radiator leaked on Keira’s carpet. Her carpet is already dingy, so this hasn’t helped. We have our sofa in the kitchen (our new, lovely sofa is at risk everyday of spaghetti stains and plaster dust). Everything is still in boxes. And I see no end to this state of living in the near future. We have 1 room finished (less floors and skirting boards (translate: baseboards), so I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time in there. Our bedroom is next on the list. And we’re still debating what to do with extending the house and whether to go back into the garden or up into the loft. And how to live through all of that!

In other news, Phil just passed his probationary period at work. Yeah!! Celebrate! Keep those cheques rolling in because we need them! Okay – I need them, so I can do exactly what I want to the house.

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One thought on “4 months later…

  1. hallelujah – the long awaited post… the photos bring back memories of our lovely island Christmas, the nursery illnesses and uncomfortable flight memories will fade and we hope to see you again! Can’t wait to see your “decorated walls” and other features and wondering if Phil has an opinion the dark green colour? I’ve decided to paint the fireplace, so what should I paint first – fp or walls??? ta-ta

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