Housing the Londoner’s + other stuff

Okay… The countdown is on until we’re seeing all those smiling British Columbian’s. Prepare those organic green smoothies and sign us up for some yoga. We need to be cleansed from our British ways. There is so much to do before we leave. The most important item being that Keira needs a nursery (Canadian translation: daycare) to attend. No big deal – just finding the person who will assist us in raising our child. So where will this nursery be located?

Well, it looks like the purchase of our home (from this post) is going to happen. Today or tomorrow a survey (Canadian translation: inspection) should be happening. The seller has found a property to move to that is chain free, which is a huge deal. And it looks like our 3rd mortgage application should get approved. Yes – 3rd. I guess Canadian’s are just too risky for the banks around here. It’s like investing in cowboys for the Brits. Thankfully some banker took pity on us and is letting us give him or her our life savings and charging us gun-slingers a crazy high interest rate to let us borrow the rest. So can we celebrate? Not yet. I won’t feel confident until we have the keys. In this country, the seller can back out at any moment and all sorts of issues can arise. However, I’ll still pop the champagne because we have surpassed some pretty big hurdles.

More coincidences keep showing up. A friend from highschool is moving to the same area – just a 10 minute walk. How random? I think Canadian’s are taking over London in fact.

Phil’s new job is going well. He’s settling in. Doing his best to keep up with the beer drinking. Transitioning into a new job with a baby has been tricky, but I think the hardest part is behind him hopefully.

We’ve started an experiment. Please don’t judge. We’ve officially surrendered our bedroom to Keira. She sleeps so much better. We sleep so much better. Although, we woke up at 4am on Sunday morning and she was still sleeping. Miracle! We checked the baby monitor and she had managed to get to the top of the cot and worm her way around the side and was then head first into the pillow that is supposed to prevent her from flipping over. That scared the crap out of us, so we got rid of the pillow and now she’s back to flipping over every 2 hours. If it weren’t for the flipping, I’m convinced she would sleep through the night. Any suggestions you brilliant people?

The feeding of solids has been fun and terrifying. I’m here to announce that Keira will be the first “liqui-tarian” in history. She will survive on water, milk and anything else that easily passes down the esophagus. We were giving her full chunks of food (as is trendy now with Baby Led Weaning) and she gags every time. I’ve never experienced anything so terrifying in my life. Banana – gag. Steamed carrot – gag. Strip of pancake – gag. Cucumber – gag. Pear -gag. Now I’ll only give her full pieces if Phil is around. I’ve done puree during the day, which she loves. The whole thing is very messy, which I’m doing my best to embrace.


"Where's my food? I know what's supposed to happen in this chair now."

“Where’s my food? I know what’s supposed to happen in this chair now.”

"Ah, yes. That's more like it. Mom was the fool who dressed me in white."

“Ah, yes. That’s more like it. Mom was the fool who dressed me in white.”

"And now I'll feed myself. Please step aside. I've got this covered."

“And now I’ll feed myself. Please step aside. I’ve got this covered.”


4 thoughts on “Housing the Londoner’s + other stuff

  1. Oh my goodness, lots going on in the London Hack household, and thanks for sharing. Love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you all. Love, Dad

  2. Love the first picture the most with Phil and Kiera. Like father, like daughter. Wonderful writing Tara, you might try writing books.

  3. Awesome Awesome Awesome and so awesome. Love the blog, Seriously my favourite read ever. I look forward to it so much. Thank you for including us in all the HACK family adventures. Gaby is landing there tonight. Wow! Love to all of you. See you soon!!! YA HOOO!

  4. I can hardly contain my excitement that you guys will be out soon. I keep looking at your pix throughout the day. Keira always brings a smile to my face. My fingers are crossed for you on the third mortgage try (although secretly I’m hoping that you cowboys will move back to the west where the bark don’t fall too far from the tree – don’t ask me what this has to do with anything, it just sound like something a cowboy would say – or Shawn).

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