Holy smokes! She’s 6 months old!

What? How is this possible? I feel like our world as we know it will once again start changing dramatically. We have crawling, walking, eating food, and sleeping through the night (please!!) all to look forward to.

This month we’ve seen our Little K go from being a non-sitter to a sitter. She’s still developing her core muscles, so we’re training hard. She is more of a stand and jump kind of girl, so getting her to sit still can be a challenge. And if we lie her down anywhere, she freaks out and strains to get back up until she’s red in the face. She’s slowly growing more hair. And her mumbling has turned into things like “babababa” and “dadadada,” which Phil is thrilled about. We’re working on “mamama,” but that has only happened by coincidence so far and with lots of prompting. She is an avid reader. We’re working on The Iliad by Homer. Okay, not really. Her favourite book is still The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile.” If she catches a glimpse of the cover, she lights up. The giggles are starting to happen. Phil and I go to epic lengths to try and make the laughs happen.

The sleeping. I think we need a whole post about that. Overall, she’s pretty good. She is definitely a morning girl. This morning it was 4:45am. That is morning! Luckily, Phil slept with her last night, so I feel refreshed and ready for the day. Mostly because we went to sleep at 8:30. We have wild Friday nights around here. She usually wakes up once through the night. That’s if you don’t count the times where she flips herself over and can’t quite manage to get back to her stomach. She never cries. She just plays until we come to her rescue. By then, it’s 50/50 whether she’ll fall back asleep right away. The naps are fairly consistently 1.5 hours in the morning and short stints while we’re out and about in the afternoon. She goes to bed ridiculously early – think 5:30 – 6:00. And that gives us some amazing evening time to do whatever the hell we feel like. Like sleep! And maybe the odd glass of wine.

We have a very full social calendar, which still consists almost entirely of coffee shops and pubs. We can now add the park to the list. She had her first temper tantrum. Her little friend, Owen, took one of her toys and she had a bit of a cry session until she got her toy back. So I guess this is where the actual parenting starts. Instead of just keeping her alive, we now have to actually teach her things. She is so much fun at this age though. I actually can’t wait for her to wake up sometimes, so that we can play and hang out and explore the world. She is the happiest little clam when she’s in her sling, facing out, watching the world go by and smiling at strangers.

Food is the BIG topic of the moment. We are sampling with what’s called baby-led weaning, which is pretty much just offering her food that we’re eating and waiting for her to be interested. It fits in with our hippy-style of parenting. And only organic food, of course. Nothing but the best for the Little Hack-meister. This morning we gave her a banana to squish up and eat. She managed to get some in her mouth, which immediately got spat out and landed on the floor. I can see that this is going to be messy business.

I’ll have to do a separate post on all the updates – house, work, travel plans, etc.

Here’s the little 1/2 birthday boss (as displayed in a ridiculous number of pictures).

keira at 6 mos


Her first food!



“I want to crawl so bad. Give me that damn rattle.” Thanks Aunty Jo & Gaby for the rattle!


Thanks Sam for the hoodie! She wears it all the time. It’s our spring time go-to.


“What? My great-grandma knit this toque? I must meet this person!” 1 more month.


New favourite toy – Freddie the Firefly. All this tackiness is driving me crazy, but she loves it, so she wins.


We’ve stopped using the jumperoo as much since the 1st aid guy made us nervous about ruining her permanently. On a positive note, my arms have never been this strong.


A happy representative of Victoria. Thanks Mo! And welcome to the world little Oscar!


Feet are great. They come everywhere with us.


The park by our new house *hopefully*!


Facing out for the first time. Now this is the only direction she’ll face. Can’t you tell by her face how happy she is?


First time in a highchair and first temper tantrum



3 thoughts on “Holy smokes! She’s 6 months old!

  1. Happy Half-Year Birthday, Keira!! You will have to talk with your Dad and have him set up an email address for you!!

    Nice pictures, Mom!!


    Grandma June and Grandpa Glen

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