So we *may have* bought a house

Well, a month after I posted about how we were putting it out there that we wanted to own a home, it looks like we might just get there. I’m trying not to get too excited, because in the UK, an accepted offer is not contractual – meaning the seller can basically back out at any point. So until we have keys in our hands, I’ll continue to be skeptical – excited, but skeptical.

You know when things are easy they just feel right. This place has been incredibly easy. We went to see the house 2 weeks ago and put in an offer. So did 7 other people though. The seller requested that we all go back to the drawing board and give them our best and final offer. We ended up being the 3rd highest, but the mortgage broker put us forward as the best people to buy the house. The most likely explanation is that we are chain free (which means we don’t have a house to sell). In London, having a chain of properties that need to be sold can easily lead to the breakdown of any sale. It’s an absolute nightmare, so not having a chain put us in a really good position. The only variable now is that the seller has to find a property to move to. The system here is so backwards. Apparently it works though, so I’m just going to have to trust that it will all come together.

Yesterday, we met with the mortgage broker and finalised the details of our mortgage and now we wait up to 2 weeks to ensure we are approved. As of yesterday though, the house is off the market.

About the house: it’s a 2 bedroom, Victorian terraced home in a part of East London called Leytonstone. It’s definitely a bit of a fixer upper, but not so bad that we can’t live in it as it currently exists. If you’ve visited London as a tourist, most likely you have come nowhere near this part of town. It’s “up-and-coming.” Leytonstone is on the Central Line of the Underground, which means it’s about 30 minutes to both our work places. And to get to central London is really easy. There are trendy cafes popping up and a couple of good pubs. What else could we possibly need?

The coincidences that surround this property make it feel right. This week, I found out that a friend of mine who has a daughter born within days of Keira is moving literally across the street. One of my friend’s from work lives in Leytonstone with her partner. And the fact that we beat out 7 other offers on the first property we put an offer in on is unheard of in London. Yesterday, when we were wandering the area, the guy next door was taking out his rubbish, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to harass our future neighbour. He ended up giving me a tour of his house, which is identical to ours. What a difference a little decorating can do. And already I feel like we have another friend in the neighbourhood. It all feels meant to be.

2177_53210252_FLP_00_0000_max_600x600 2177_53210252_FLP_01_0000_max_600x600 Backyard 2 Backyard Bedroom 2 Bedroom Front Kitchen Kitchen2 Kitchen3


4 thoughts on “So we *may have* bought a house

  1. so awesome Tara, Phil and Keira. Wow. Beauty home. I still can’t believe it though ( london permanency). Gaby leaves for New Zealand May 4th and arrives in London , I believe on May 22nd. She has her citizenship in hand and no return air ticket at this point. What is with our kids flocking to the U,K? Looks like my brother and I will have to move there! xoxoxo
    love you all. Auntie Jo

  2. Can’t wait to see what you do with it with your interior design creative bent Tara.

    My fingers are crossed that the deal goes through.

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