More pics with Grandma

DSC_0002 (4) DSC_0009 (4) DSC_0011 (3) DSC_0017 (4) DSC_0028 (3) DSC_0031 (3) DSC_0035 (3) DSC_0039 (3) DSC_0041 (3) DSC_0043 (3) DSC_0049 (3) DSC_0055 (3) IMG_20150407_130122948_HDR IMG_20150409_152031550_HDR IMG_20150409_154824561 IMG_20150410_150212930 IMG_20150410_150338140 IMG_20150411_080223479 IMG_20150414_141626887 IMG_20150415_110025811


2 thoughts on “More pics with Grandma

  1. OK. English weather….Oh so nice and warm. Did I mention ‘Sunny’? Melt my heart….yes, Keira, you did. Grandma wanted to sneak you away. I can’t wait to see you, “Hi, Keira. It’s DAD,” and your mom again. I love you all so much.

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