4 months old + some other stuff

On Sunday, Keira turned 4 months old. The little chunk is healthy and happy – well maybe not always happy. She weighs in at just under 15 pounds now, which, if she were a baby boxer, would put her in the light heavyweight division. She has officially learned to roll over. Yeah! Well, yeah for about 2 seconds until we realized that we now have no way to get her to sleep. The whole 4 month sleep regression thing is alive and well in our house. Long gone are the 6-7 hour stretches. They’ve been replaced with hours of the dummy falling out and being put back in at all hours of the night (and day). She’s also been a little grumpier than usual over the last little bit, which I think (based on hours of Googling and book reading and app downloading) comes down to the massive changes she’s going through. Her language and mobility skills are transforming so much that she ends up being a little worn out and a little ticked off. We’ve been spending a lot of quality time together since she likes to have our attention at all times.keira at 4 months

It also happened to be Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday. Because we live here, I get aMother’s Day all to myself (although I did call my Mumsy). Mother’s Day is the best day ever and for a very good reason. Mom’s work hard. And Dad’s (and children once they’re able) should reward accordingly. I now realize on a whole other level what my mom went through (mostly with my brother – just kidding, Krev!). Phil  – being the amazing husband that he is – booked me in for a massage, made some delicious French toast and gave me a couple of hours to myself. That’s right – the highlight of my week has moved beyond going to the dentist! I got a coffee (a ridiculously expensive and tiny one – £3.10 = $5.84. Now I’ll stop converting ever again). I did a little shopping – in hind sight it was for Keira (note to self: must go back to spending money on myself).

On Sunday (jeez a lot happened Sunday), we went out to the eastern outskirts of London to view a property that was for rent (click here to see the house). It is a beautiful and huge Victorian terraced home. It has 3 bedrooms and was newly painted and had more space than we would know what to do with. And we didn’t take it! For some reason, it just didn’t feel right. Phil and I logically knew that this was the best house in that neighbourhood that we would be able to find for rent. And yet there was something neither of us could put our finger on. We were even the first people to view it. It was ours for the taking. We both left feeling uneasy and a little sad. In London you have to make decisions on properties quickly, so we turned the property down. And after much soul searching we realized why – we want to own something that is ours. We want the feeling of a home where we can put up art and paint the walls whatever colour suits us and have a home. Since having Keira, this feeling has only grown more. So – here today – on this blog, I’m making a public declaration that we are going to own a home. I often times find myself dancing around the topic and quite honestly feeling like a failure for not owning something already. I want to be empowered in creating the life we want, so I’m putting it out there to the world that it will all come together. And we have some significant hurdles – being in the country for a relatively short period of time no one wants to lend you much, transferring Canadian money when the dollar is in the toilet, living in one of the most expensive places in the world. And I know we can do it.


“Please Mom, put some freaking close on me – or else!”


Out for a walk and we passed the hospital where Keira was born


It’s been so nice here! A day at Hampstead Heath. Yes – this is the best pic we got


Daddy and daughter. Melts my heart every time.


Take another selfie! Keira still in her sling, but newer fancier sling ordered and on it’s way to support the little chunk.


“See – I can roll over! And no, you can never have your pyjama shirt back.”


Ready for swim lessons. Yes- she’s the next Michael Phelps. No – she didn’t last the entire lesson before having a meltdown.


Happy in the water. Right before I got in trouble for taking photos by the lifeguard. And 8am on a Saturday morning is really early to be suited up and in the pool. Thankfully, Phil was the enthusiastic one who wanted to take her. And it was all Dad’s there.


Some of Keira’s BFF’s – Nancy and Owen


So peaceful


Mom and baby cinema day – where she “chatted” through the whole Japanese movie that had subtitles, but at least I got cake and coffee! Baby cinema is awesome!


The baby version of the show Friends


“I’ll eat this blanket if I want to.”


Rubber giraffes are terrifying. Most of the time she actually loves it.



They’re going steady

All the babies from our prenatal class. Oldest to youngest (left to right)

All the babies from our prenatal class. Oldest to youngest (left to right). And yes, we’re at the pub.


Happy girls




Oh, hello


More friends. Tummy time!

DSC_0005 DSC_0021 DSC_0044



4 thoughts on “4 months old + some other stuff

  1. We were sloughing off I mean doing research at work and happened upon your blog. Everyone was ewwing and awwing at the way too cute baby pix. Keira seems like a real little character. I’m sure it’s not so amusing at 2 in the morning. Happy UK Mother’s Day by the way. You’ll have to celebrate the Canadian Mother’s Day as well.

    Do you think it’s possible to make money on a house in London short term? What are taxes like when you sell and move back to Canada?

    Did Keira like the water? It looks like she was having a good time.

    Love you guys. xoxox

    • Very subtle Mumsy! I think London real estate is a guaranteed money maker. Although, I could end up eating my words. Keira loved the water, but I think she loved the other babies even better. We have yet to dunk her under the water. That will have to be next week! Love you too!!

  2. Keira is flourishing… great pics, G&G are updated with recent blog, lots of awes & oohing galore… got ahead of myself and checked out the rental before reading you decided against it, which is fine, because i didn’t quite like the backyard for “precious juniorette”.
    Thanks for the heads up on no photos in the pool, could very well have been a Gigi idea with Cash and Mr. T. during lessons… Keiras’ swim suit is adorable.
    Happy house hunting!

    • I’ll keep that in mind – bigger yard for the little squirt! Although, this is London. Any outdoor space is a plus. You saw our current place – it has to be better than this for her! Give a big hug to Grandma and Grandpa for me and Cash and Mr. T and everyone actually while you’re at it! Big hug to you too!! Love Tara Eliza

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