Phil’s New Job

Just when we start to settle in, we shake things up again. Phil has taken a new job and has tendered his resignation to his current company. It’s all happened really quickly – 1 week to be exact. Phil was with PayByPhone for over 3 years and it is now time to move on to other things. The industry in London is insane. Phil gets contacted daily by recruiters and until recently he has resisted the urge to jump ship and has – for the most part – really enjoyed where he was working.

A week ago Friday, he received 2 job offers and we spent the majority of that weekend weighing the pro’s and con’s of both. With us, instinct always wins and logic loses. He went with the smaller company that offered less money and a job title that isn’t as fancy. I’ve made it sound really glamorous, haven’t I? In fact, the new company (according to Phil – I know nothing about tech) is doing things the”right” way and is implementing things with adequate budgets and cutting edge technology. The company itself is a little dull in my mind – they compare broadband pricing; however, if Phil is excited and sees it as a huge opportunity to learn and grow, then I am so on board. I want to take a moment to say how incredibly proud of him I am. 3 years ago Phil took a job as a Junior Programmer with a steep cut in salary to follow his passion. At the time, I was making questionable income running my own business, so it was a big risk that we took and a bit of a shock to our system. To be offered these types of jobs now that require years and years of experience (the one he turned down was 9 years of programming and 3 years of team lead) is a testament to how brilliant Phil is at what he does. He’s in his sweet spot and doing what he loves and an inspiration to me to continuously learn and hone what you love.

When we moved to London, we had no idea the kinds of opportunities that would come our way. To think that a year ago we almost moved back. Our experience would have been so different. Both of us are excited by the work we are doing and have grown more than we ever could have in Vancouver. And of course I can’t forget to mention the biggest change over the last year – our gorgeous little girl.

I can’t discuss all this without talking about the elephant in the room. We’re not coming back to BC. Our original plan was to spend a maximum of 2 years in the UK and move back at the end of Phil’s contract. We have fallen in love with London and the possibilities of work and travel are amazing. The cost of moving ahead with our careers and life in London is that we are so far away from our family and friends back in Canada. It’s gut wrenching some/most days being far away. There’s just no easy way to have it all at this given moment.

I do allow myself to dream. What if we could create a life where we spent part of the year here and part of the year in BC? Why not? In fact, I’m going to start creating this through visioning and gratitude. The first thing I’m grateful for is that I will have 6 glorious weeks in BC this summer. It almost makes up for being a 9.5 hour flight away the rest of the year. If there’s one thing Phil and I have learned is that you really can create anything in this life.

P.S. The new job starts at the end of the month.

Team Canada

Team Canada

Team England

Team England


5 thoughts on “Phil’s New Job

  1. There are many things I truly admire about you and Phil. Your ability to think things through. Your honesty and integrity. Your communicating. Your passion for really living. I love you all so much, and honor your decisions always. See you in 14 sleeps. Love, Dad

  2. Great news! Happy to hear that Phil is moving forward with his career. I had a great time working with him. His passion for knowledge, his work ethic and incredible attitude will take him far. I hope that one day we’ll work together again!

    • Phil keeps meaning to reply Adam. He’s not great with the blog. He really appreciates the kind words and enjoyed working with you too! Hopefully you guys can catch up when we’re in Vancouver this summer.

    • Hehe. Ya, sorry @adymitruk. I am new to the Internet. Thanks for the kind words. We’ll be back in Vancouver in the summer for a bit. We should definitely get together. I hope we get to work together in the future as well.

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