The End of the 4th Trimester

We made it! Keira is 3 months old today and has officially brought to an end the 4th trimester, which is called this for a very good reason. The first 3 months were intense. And the changes she goes through every day are amazing. Over the last month, she’s started jabbering away more. She is getting closer to rolling over when she’s on her stomach. She loves to stand up and has surprisingly strong legs. She can grasp something and put it to her mouth, which often times is more like viciously attacking whatever ends up in her hand and trying to eat it before we rip it from her grasp.

Upon reflection, I’d like to take a moment to see what key takeaways we’ve learned as new parents:

  • Poo changes often and can be very informative
  • Warm food or drink is a luxury
  • Life before baby was so easy
  • Hauling a pushchair around is hard work and will give you killer biceps – as will playing the “up/down” game that Grandpa Hack taught her
  • Getting baby smiles is the best thing ever
  • Sleeping on her stomach is not as dangerous as all the professionals would have you believe and can be very effective for dealing with her built-in startling reflex
  • Although she is safe sleeping on her stomach, we continuously worry and check on her every 2 minutes – actually, I’ll be right back – yes, she’s still breathing
  • It’s surprising how well you can function on very little sleep – particularly if you are female
  • Marriages don’t end even when one person sleeps more often on the sofa than in bed
  • 430 square feet is a manageable amount of space with a newborn
  • White noise in the form of a fake fan is incredibly effective at helping Keira sleep (we learned this yesterday unfortunately)
  • Other new parents are a wealth of information
  • Strangers will offer all sorts of advice. One old guy yesterday stopped to ask us if we go to her when she wakes up at 4 or 5 in the morning. Phil said “Yes, of course,” which was the wrong answer. Since we sleep in the same room, it’s sort of not an option.
  • Evenings will be hell no matter what you do
  • Every day changes and that is the only thing that is consistent
  • The amount of worry you are capable of
  • Parenting advice is useless because every baby is so different – although helpful tips are appreciated and worth trying – just don’t feel guilty about anything
  • The amazing amount of love you can have for such a tiny, little human

I never realized how much orange we own


Canada love


I seriously can’t get her to smile when she’s in her Canucks outfit. I guess she’s going to be an Arsenal fan instead.


These beautiful blues should not be behind bars


Almost flipped over


Tummy time – that head is not easy to keep up

DSC_0028 DSC_0035 DSC_0044


6 thoughts on “The End of the 4th Trimester

  1. i am in love – it is so amazing that you truly love family. I have not even met her yet and feel so deeply in love with this little treasure. Thank you for the great read ( again)! Just love it . Thank you for keeping us connected to you all. I do however, get VERY teary every single time I read and see the photos. Like right now. Love you all.

    • I love your comments so much!! That is why we keep doing it! We miss everyone tonnes! I can’t wait for you to meet Keira. What a moment that is going to be! Lots of love!! On 15 Feb 2015 15:26, “London's Calling this Canuck” wrote:


  2. Seriously, there’s not much to smile about right now if your a Canucks fan anyways – lol. Go Arsenals.

    I love Keira’s expressions. Am I spelling Keira right because the computer does not think so.

    Enjoy every minute – she’ll grow so fast!

    Love you guys xoxoxo

    • Yes – you’re spelling it right. I don’t think I’ve watched a Canucks game in 2 years. How strange to go from having to watch every game to not even thinking about it. Love you too!!!

      On Monday, February 16, 2015, London's Calling this Canuck wrote:


  3. My goodness, love the comments you shared. Every moment and change is so precious. She IS SO DARN ADORABLE!! Your blogs are so so so appreciated. Love, Dad

    • Thanks Dad!! It’s ALWAYS good to know someone is reading this so the comments are so amazing! Love you!!! On 18 Feb 2015 04:02, “London's Calling this Canuck” wrote:


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