An update in photos


In order of date over the last month… The goal is to do another post with info, but I think my time on the computer is drawing to a quick end.


Funny to see her in her sling because she doesn’t really go in there much anymore… It’s all about the pushchair


Chubby butt


I hope those baby blues stay that way


Reaching for objects – I think she’s a genius!


And now she’s overstimulated and hates getting dressed

Keira and friends

Can you spot Keira? And, as you can see, I wasn’t the only hovering mother



“I’m going to eat you.”


Another snow suit to grow into – slowly! And it doesn’t involve harshly shoving her arms in the 0-3 month one


Big yawn


Keira with one of her friends – this little guy is the same age. Goes to show you how much bigger the boys are.


An attempt at a photo of the 3 of us – and I finally got a hair cut! The best feeling ever!


The sleepy Canucks fan. Thanks Aunty Tamara!


The littlest orca – a toque all the way from San Fran. Thanks Anna & Melodie!


Yes – mommy shoved me back in my little snow suit. Thanks Nanny & Poppy for The Bay onesie.


So cute it kills me!


The barfy Canuck fan – right on Dad’s new wool sweater #handwashonlyisamistake


Baby goes everywhere – Sunday roast at the pub. Bullseye!


She’ll sleep anywhere – the table at The Blue Legume.


She actually sleeps in her crib now! It’s only taken close to 3 months to get here. And now she’s almost outgrown it – and regularly hits her head on the top. #needabiggerhouse




An attempt at a photo of the two of us, which I realize are few and far between.


“Should I really trust you?”


Another selfie attempt


We love Mexican food!



6 thoughts on “An update in photos

  1. thank you for the beautiful, beautiful photos. I am counting the days until your visit to Vancouver this summer. I will send you a longer update today. Love to all 3 of you.

    • Thanks Aunty Jo!! Only 4 months til we’re in Vancouver! I can’t believe it! Love you!!

      On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 4:01 PM, London's Calling this Canuck wrote:


  2. Great pics Tara….Keira is starting to look like mommy 🙂 And your haircut looks great..!! Say a big hello to Phil, and a big hug for Keira.

    • Hi Laura!! So awesome to see a comment from you!!! We miss you loads! Keira says hi to her abuela! Big hug back!! On 14 Feb 2015 17:55, “London's Calling this Canuck” wrote:


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