In memory of Irene Hack

2 weeks ago, we lost a beautiful human being – Irene Hack. I always describe Phil’s Grandma as the sweet Grandma type that you envision marrying into. She always had nice things to say and loved a good hug. She never wanted to impose on anyone – even sometimes stubbornly so. She never complained even when I’m sure she was uncomfortable.

At 91 years old, she had a good long life, and yet, it always feels too early. You always want one more conversation, one more hug, one more “I love you.”

It breaks our hearts to be so far away right now. When Phil’s dad arrived, we were considering flying home for a visit when he said that Irene wasn’t doing very well. That opportunity quickly evaporated when she passed away a day after Glen’s flight to London. Phil’s family encouraged us to stay in London and look after our little family instead of flying over for the funeral. Logically, it makes sense – Keira doesn’t have a passport, flights are ridiculously expensive at the last minute, the funeral is only supposed to be an hour, we wouldn’t get much time to actually see the rest of the family. Logic isn’t what wins in these situations though. Emotion takes over. We want to be there so badly.

I will speak on Phil’s behalf and say that his Grandma was one of his favourite people in the whole world. He cherished his Grandma and thought so highly of her. It’s the most beautiful thing to see a grown, 6’2″ man stoop down to hug his tiny, hunched over Grandma. The only thing better would have been to see her hold Keira for the first time. Instead, Phil and I will share her spirit with Keira as she gets older.

Although we won’t be there today to celebrate Grandma Hack’s life, we send love and celebrate our amazing Grandma. The woman who traveled the world after her husband passed away. The woman who would host Christmas eve every year – and refuse anyone to chip in for the Chinese takeaway. The woman who was friends with everyone in her retirement community. The woman who wanted nothing more than to spend time with her family.

We send all Phil’s family gathering in BC today a giant, virtual hug and shed a few tears (or more) for the loss of one of our favourite people in the world.

Grandma Hack and I

Grandma Hack and I the week before we left for London

From left: Phil's Grandma, Phil, Phil's Grandpa Hack, Phil's Grandpa Keppel, Phil's sister Aerin, Phil's Mom Lynette

From left: Phil’s Grandma, Phil, Phil’s Grandpa Hack, Phil’s Grandpa Keppel, Phil’s sister Aerin, Phil’s Mom Lynette

Grandma Hack with her Great Grandson Emmett & Granddaughter Alison

Grandma Hack with her Great Grandson Emmett & Granddaughter Alison


4 thoughts on “In memory of Irene Hack

  1. Phil and Tara,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a legacy Grandma has left in her strength and kindness. I see that in you too Phil and I’m sure that that strength and kindness gene will be passed on to little Keira.

    Take care of yourselves in this time of grieving. Enjoy the memories and celebrate life as I’m sure Grandma lived her life to the fullest and would wish the same for you

    Love you xoxox


  2. That was a very beautiful post. We’ve been thinking of the Hacks since hearing the news. You’re in our prayers.

    Amanda and the Jones

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