The Little Poppet turns 2 months

Oh how she changes. I will have to stop saying this at some point because it’s so obvious. I swear though that every time I look at her, she’s different.

We have had so much amazing family time in the last bit. Phil’s dad was here for the last week. It’s amazing what an extra set of hands can help with. After less than 24 hours of it just being Phil and I again, our house looks like a bomb site. Every ounce of me wants to go clean, tidy, cook, be productive right now, but I know that doing a blog post is important. I get to see the Little Poppet every day and see her shriek and squeal and smile, but most of those we love most don’t get that time because we live half way around the globe.

We’ve been through quite a bit since my last post. When my mom was visiting, we made the unfortunate mistake of sitting in the wrong seat at a coffee shop. That seat had body lice crawling all over it. I looked down part way through sipping my holiday latte and saw little black things crawling all over Keira. It was an absolute nightmare situation. I won’t go into more detail because I  really just don’t want to think about it anymore. It’s been dealt with and the coffee shop is repaying us for all the costs we incurred. The worst part was that my mom had to spend basically 2 days of her holiday helping us deal with the pests and then Phil’s dad spent quite a bit of his time here helping too. Not cool!

We had our weigh in this week. Drum roll please… Keira is 11lbs 10oz at her 8 week mark, which I realize means nothing to most people. Basically she’s just under the 75th percentile for weight gain. She’s a healthy little thing. She also had to get her first shot ever. It was the saddest thing and I have to admit that I also had tears watching her be in pain. The worst part was 4 hours later when she woke up from a nap screeching. We couldn’t do anything to calm her down. The crying was horrible. Phil’s dad was finally able to calm her down. Thank God for grandparents and people that know what the hell they’re doing. Then we took over with some back pats and the soother (which my mom got working while she was here – see grandparents are awesome). She eventually fell asleep and was dopey the next morning too. Luckily, I still made it to the pub for lunch the next day. The important things! That makes me sound like a horrible parent. I met up with some friends who also have little ones and it was the best thing for us – to get out of the house. We also all got colds. We took Keira to the doctor – convinced that the cold was probably going to lead to the flu, she’d have to be submitted to the hospital, and that she’d never come home again. And that it would all happen over the weekend when no doctors are available to help. These are the crazy thoughts that happen as a new parent. The doctor reassured us that she can breath and will get over what is just an average cold and that there’s really nothing we could do.

I don’t want to leave this with just negative stuff we’ve dealt with. Keira is getting to be so smiley. Everyday, we’re going out and doing something. She is meeting all sorts of new friends.

Likes: LOVES her Grandparents; her Fisher Price playmat; being outside; throwing up (a lot!); lots of noise; her snow bunny snowsuit; the “Up/Down” game with Grandpa Hack; staring contests; sleeping in Mom & Dad’s bed; looking directly into lights

Dislikes: mommy wearing clean clothes; her newborn sling position (less and less); 0-3 months clothes that don’t fit, but that mommy keeps shoving her in and pretending that she’s not growing; vaccinations

And she’s awake again – so on to the pictures at a later date.

P.S. Anyone else see the irony in trying to read “Attachment Parenting.” Reading while practicing attachment parenting is virtually impossible.


The beautiful, hand knit blanket that Great Grandma Ferris made. The most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen!


Dad dressed her… Can’t take credit for the clashing patterns.


Is there a tiny human in that bunny outfit or in Nanny just holding a doll?


She sleeps like her Mom…


The world is a scary place….


Enjoying a coffee in her big girl chair – waiting for Grandpa Hack at the airport


“Don’t interrupt, Grandpa – I’m thinking.”


The first time I’ve stepped foot in a McDonald’s in a very long time. Desperate breastfeeders will go anywhere.


Sunday roast with Nanny


The first time my hair has looked half decent in months – still no haircut though




“Nanny, don’t steal me.”


I must remember to change out of this watch. It’s the only one that lights up though in the middle of the night when I’m curious as to what ungodly time I’m up at.


Three generations of Hack’s


Lots to cheers about! And a tribute to Grandma Hack as well.


Brick Lane adventure


Where I ate lunch the day I went into labour…

DSC_0010 DSC_0037 DSC_0051 DSC_0064 DSC_0065 IMG_20141229_132134006 IMG_20150114_183043301 IMG_0911 IMG_0917 IMG_0944 IMG_0933


3 thoughts on “The Little Poppet turns 2 months

  1. What a wonderful collection of photos! Keira is soooo photogenic…and the rest of you don’t look too bad either!

    Sounds like you and Phil are doing an excellent job as new parents, despite even body lice! (*shudder*)

    Think of you lots from this side of the pond.



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