The Lucky Charms

Up until this point, Keira has been an illegal alien living in the UK. Well, not really… she just didn’t have citizenship to a country. We looked into getting her Canadian citizenship, but that can take between 1 to 1 1/2 years! Crazy, I know. But yesterday, thanks to Mini Mom bringing out a box of Lucky Charms with her, Keira Irish Citizenship paper arrived in the post, and Keira became proper Irish. It took less than 20 days to receive it. Amazing!

Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious!

Lucky Charms, they’re magically delicious!


Keira and her Lucky Charms

Next step, a passport.


2 thoughts on “The Lucky Charms

  1. Congratulations, Keira. Your Great-Grandpa Colin Keppel would have been so delighted and proud. Wear the green with pride.

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