Keira is a 1-month-old

*note: this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but due to a series of meltdowns – first Keira’s, then mine – it will go up today.

Unbelievable! 1 month already. They always say that time flies, and it’s so true. She is changing so rapidly. Her little rolls on her arms and legs grow every day. Her neck seems to be disappearing into the double chin. She looks twice as long as when she was born. She’s awake more and making hilarious faces. And the days are getting a lot easier for us. I wouldn’t say easy, but easier.

In the last week, we’ve been enjoying our time as a little family unit. Last week was Phil’s last week off before returning to work, so daily baked goods (purchased – not made) were a requirement. Surprisingly, we haven’t resorted to our old caffeine fix in order to get through these sleepless days. I had my work Christmas lunch at Shoreditch House – a member’s only club in trendy east London where you’re not allowed to take photos or talk on your phone, so no pictures unfortunately. I definitely was nervous taking a little baby with me. Baby and exclusive member’s only club don’t exactly go hand in hand, but it all worked out beautifully. She was a little angel and everyone I worked with was really relaxed about the whole thing. It helped that it was really loud in there and that other parents were there with pushchairs. London is really baby friendly. It’s common to see prams parked in the pub or mother’s with sling-encased babies pretty much everywhere. Keira doesn’t seem to mind noise. In fact, I think she actually prefers it. She does seem to have something against the London Overground, because the wailing ensued as soon as we headed for public transit. I can’t say I blame her. I’d rather not take it either. And I’m sure I was getting glares from the people traveling home after a long day at work. I managed to stay relatively calm. What can you do? Nothing. And it was only 4 stops. The longest 4 stops in my life, but manageable.

We took K Baby to the health visitor (we are still trying to determine exactly what a health visitor is, so I can’t elaborate). There she got weighed and we talked about her crying and vomiting. She’s not that bad, but it definitely seems like something is bothering her. They think it’s reflux, but nobody can say for sure, since she is unfortunately unable to speak. Don’t worry – baby signing classes will hopefully start in January – along with baby massage, baby yoga and any other yuppy, trendy class I can find to sign up for. I’m skipping the baby music lessons, because you have to draw the line somewhere and let’s be honest, with her genetics, future musician is unlikely, not impossible (right Krev!), and I will definitely encourage it, but unlikely. *update: last night we had the worst of the meltdowns yet, so we tried using Colic Calm (a homeopathic solution) and she has slept like she’s never slept before. She’s still sleeping! Seriously amazing! And we didn’t have to give her drugs! If you can, buy shares in this company. Desperate parents will do anything. Add the Sleepyhead to the list.

We’ve been filling our days with get togethers and outings, which is particularly important for my sanity and Keira loves being out of the house. I don’t know how that works. We had a Christmas lunch with friends on Sunday. We managed our longest journey yet – over an hour to get to Richmond. And it was so great to hang out with people. I’ve booked this week solid with other new moms. And then my favourite Mom in the whole wide world is here on Sunday – mine! I am beyond excited.

Happy 1 month to the cutest baby I know!

Going out for first time on my own to Shoreditch House for work XMas lunch

Going out for first time on my own to Shoreditch House for work XMas lunch

Happy in the tub - but doesn't like getting out of the tub

Happy in the tub – but doesn’t like getting out of the tub

Lots of snuggles!

Lots of snuggles!


First time out with the pushchair and she loved it.

First time out with the pushchair and she loved it. No – we can’t prove that there is actually a small child in there.

Before: noise cancelling headphones are a necessity for Dad

Before: noise cancelling headphones are a necessity for Dad whilst screaming ensues

After: they tuckered each other out

After: they tuckered each other out. And, yes, we use books to prop our baby up. She’s seriously like the princess and the pea – very particular about her sleeping arrangements. 


2 thoughts on “Keira is a 1-month-old

  1. OMG Tara, this blog had me in tears, then in stitches, then in tears. Great writing and sharing. The picture of Phil with the noise canceling headset is hilarious and I get it that it’s very practical. Great problem solving.
    You look fantastic!
    Can’t wait to meet (and hug and hug) Keira, and see you and Phil.

  2. Happy 1 month and 31 years (!) Tara and Keira.

    Public transit is always a challenge with little ones. At work yesterday I was with a mom with 4 children ages 1, 5, 6, and 10. Since she was new to Victoria (from Ethiopia!) I was helping her register her three eldest for school. This was a long process as we had to go to 2 schools before they could register all of her children. We took public transit because I could not accomodate all of them in my car. The children were so well behaved throughout this process but had reached their limit on the bus ride back to their temporary home. The oldest boy pushed the buzzer to get off, but it was a little too early. I approached the bus driver to let him know. He had opened the doors of the bus and the 5 and 6 year old ran off. By this time the 1 yr old was screaming. I ran out to retrieve the 2 that had escaped the bus. People were not amused. A lot of eye rolling (very Canadian). Once everyone was back on the bus the bus driver told the children to all remain seated. There was a few yeah yeah’s from the other passengers. We got off humbly at the next stop. I forgot to mention that mom was 6 months pregnant.

    Love the pictures. The one of the 3 of you is priceless. You are one happy family.

    Can’t wait to see you. Off to work and tonight I’m packing.

    Love you guys xoxo

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