Keira Grace Hack

12 days ago today we met our little cutie for the first time – Keira Grace Hack. She was born November 15, 2014 and weighed in at 7lbs 3oz.

I apologize if this is repeat information for many of you, but I would love to have this documented to look back on and remember. Already it feels like so many details are slipping away in a haze of sleep deprivation.

That Friday started not abnormally. I got to sleep in a bit after a restless nights sleep, since Phil and I had to go get an ultrasound at the hospital to make sure she was a good size as my belly was measuring small. She was perfectly healthy then and she is perfectly healthy now. I had weird feelings in my stomach all day, but I headed to work, went for Japanese food for lunch and carried on like any other day. Phil met me at the office just after 6pm to take all my stuff home as it was my last day of work before my coveted maternity leave started. Phil asked if I wanted to take a taxi home since I was still feeling a bit strange, but I said no – in fact, we were considering going to the pub. We hopped on public transit and went home. The week before my due date was meant to be full of pain au chocolats, a haircut and getting my lengthy to-do list done. None of that happened because shortly after getting home and eating delicious takeaway Italian food, I felt a small burst, which meant my water had broken. An hour later, we were at the hospital – via Uber’s car service.

At the hospital, they tried to send us home because I wasn’t far enough along, but Phil got them to leave us for an hour to see what happened. Thankfully, we didn’t go home. 4 hours after arriving at the hospital, we had our perfect little bundle at 2:47am. We have called her Little Miss Perfect and she was true to form for her birth. The midwives said it was one of the best births they’ve ever seen.

That moment when you finally get to see the perfect little human that we created is like no other moment. It’s pure bliss. That unknown person in my stomach became so much more real when I could see, touch and smell her. It felt like Phil and I had accomplished something so huge by safely bringing her into the world. I know it’s cliche, but you can’t describe that feeling. Amazement – maybe that is the best word.

Phil was the best birth partner in the world. I think it’s easy for partners to feel a little helpless, but Phil stepped up to the plate in a huge way. Over the last couple of months, we had prepared like this was the most important job we had ever done, which it absolutely was and is- we did hypnobirthing (a must if you’re pregnant!), prenatal classes, and yoga – and felt so prepared on the big day as a team.

Over the last almost 2 weeks, we have had every emotion on an hourly basis. The job of parenting is challenging, beautiful, scary, enlightening, and unlike anything you could ever imagine.


Keira’s first day


The only time she has slept in her cot





2 thoughts on “Keira Grace Hack

  1. Tara, Phil and Keira – It is such a great idea to journal your story, and so appreciated to be able to share this with you! To have a sense of what this is all about for you all. Well Keira’s not talking yet, but knowing her parents she will have many things to say. Thank you for sharing! Love, Dad

  2. What a beautiful little Granddaughter I have. She is one lucky little girl to have such loving and caring parents. I love the picture of her in her crib and was thinking that maybe she’s finally accepted that as her sanctuary.

    It must be a challenge for you Tara to let go of your to do list – lol. I’m sure you are realizing that you sometimes have to let go of your expectations of what you are going to accomplish and just go with the flow – not always easy for a planner. Soon she will have larger periods of time that she is awake and asleep that will make it easier for you to plan around.

    Thank you for keeping us all posted.

    Lots of Love


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