Looking back over the last 8 months, it’s amazing what has happened. And a little daunting since I haven’t blogged at all. I really want to remember this time in our lives, since it will never be the same once Little Hack is born. So I’m going to do my best to recapture bump progress over the last 8 months. Yes – only 1 month left until the expected due date. I’ve attempted to show the progress of the bump through all the experiences we’ve had and as succinctly as possible – although it is coming across as rather self absorbed with lots of pictures of myself. This is hard! Every event I want to expand and talk about. And I really hope that I haven’t forgotten anything. Although my memory is probably not the best – I can’t remember today whether I paid for my coffee (decaf) and pain au chocolat. I honestly have no idea. Workshop Coffee – I may owe you.

Found out we were pregnant! Week 5 (March 20th to be exact – a day I will never forget)


Prague: Week 9 – no bump to speak of



Phil’s cousin Amanda visits: Week 11



Phil’s aunt & unclue – Kathy & Don – visit: Week 13 (unfortunately the only pic I have)



Mom & Grandma visit / Edinburgh: Week 14/15 (3 and a half generations)

DSC_0882 DSC_1060


Glen & June (Phil’s dad and his girlfriend) visit: 18 weeks



Dad’s visit: 24 weeks



Large gap of time between 24 and 34 weeks:

bump2bump bump3


Aunty Jo & Gaby (cousin) visit: Week 34

DSC_0033 DSC_0043



2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Tara – I couldn’t help but think about the coffee aspect of this in a slightly different way. It would be fun and probably pull at my heartstrings, to hear about how this whole thing got started at a coffee shop about a year and a bit ago.
    I LOVE your blogs and hope you keep sharing them.
    You look so beautiful!
    Love YOU, Phil and “The Bump”

  2. You sure have had a lot of company! You are definitely glowing Tara Bear. You should be right back into your jeans when I come to see you at Christmas! This will be a Christmas to remember for sure.

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