Little Miss Perfect

Today we had our final scan (Canadian translation: ultrasound) before baby is born. She is little miss perfect. Her weight is exactly right (4.5 pounds). Her height is right where it should be (I think they said 19 inches). She is coming in at exactly average for everything. And she’s right on track for her due date.

We got to see her squished in little face and her spine that reminds me of a dinosaur. For the second scan in a row, the technician has said that she has long legs, so she is definitely Phil’s little one.

There’s nothing quite like seeing her. I spend most of the time feeling her. She moves and squirms and hiccups all the time. It really makes it real when you can see that little one live on the screen.

She’s already in the head down position, which means that she’s ready for the big show. And if you don’t have kids, you will find this all a bit dull. Life is just not the same since finding out we are pregnant and the things I used to glaze over at are now fascinating.

This scan below is from her 12 week scan in the middle of May. At this time she was only 10cm big. It’s amazing how all those features and development can happen on something so tiny. God, she is so loved.

Baby Scan


6 thoughts on “Little Miss Perfect

  1. Eeek!! I’m so excited for you guys!! I haven’t read your blog for awhile.. I had no idea you were pregnant! When are you due? Good luck with everything – hope all goes smoothly. I’m around if you have questions…

    • Thanks Francine!! Wish I were in Vancouver to catch up with you! I’m due November 21st. The medical system is so different here. You’d probably find it interesting. We only deal with midwives unless something goes wrong and at the hospital they have birthing centres which are like hotel rooms almost, with big tubs and double beds and no medical equipment. And that’s just standard care – not private. And I haven’t blogged at all in the last 6 months or so, so you didn’t miss anything. Hope your little family is doing well! xx

  2. Tara, This is so precious. Brought tears😂, and it’s so amazing to know she is healthy and on track. Sounds like show time could be close to the original November 21st date. Sending all three of you lots and lots of love. Dad

  3. She may have Phil’s legs, but it sounds like she has your everything else i.e. being right on schedule, ready and in the right position – lol.

    I like how you and Phil are enjoying the whole process leading up to the big event. It is such an amazing time in your lives. In retrospect it all happens so fast.

    I can’t wait to see you and Phil and your little one in December. I’m going to be a Grandma! I’m so excited.

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