To say it’s been awhile would be an understatement. Do I have an excuse? Not really. I have been feeling a bit disconnected from “home” lately and thought this was may be a good way to reach out. Is anyone out there still? I super loved having this blog platform for the first almost year when we were in London. I’m not sure it would have been the same experience without that ability to reach out through the world wide web.

As many of you already know, Phil and I are having a little one. We’re at 31 weeks today (translating to 7 months-ish if you’re like me previously and weeks mean nothing). So we’ve got roughly 2 more months of being a two-some. And if you calculate – yes – that is almost the exact same time I have been at my job. Oops! I found out my first week of work and then basically panicked for 3 months until I felt confident in telling them the news. Luckily, I work at an amazing place and they have been super supportive (but could use some air-conditioning).

For those that don’t want to know the gender, cover your eyes. It’s a girl. A sweet little girl who never cries and sleeps through the night and can communicate right out of the womb using sign language. That is what happens, right?

It feels like everything has become a first or a last (don’t read that as good or bad). We got back from a vacation in Santorini a week ago – our last holiday just the two of us. I can barely remember my last drink or real coffee (although that’s not last, just a not right now). And we’ll quickly experience more lasts as we get closer – the last time anyone phones to see how we’re doing, the last time we go out for a peaceful meal just the two of us without wondering if our child has been kidnapped or might be eating non-organic food under the watchful eye of some caretaker. Gasp!

The lasts are greatly offset by firsts though. The first time we met the little bundle via ultrasound. The first time we’ve ever considered what the best type of stroller (pushchair in England) is. The first kick. The first time we’ve ever discussed different birthing methods. The list goes on and on. The world is full of things we simply had not considered before getting pregnant. Our thoughts and discussions seem to all revolve around baby – figuring out daycare (yes already! and yes it’s ridiculously expensive like everything else in London); reading books on pregnancy and parenting; where to live, and on and on and on. Conversations I previously would have glazed over talking about.

Our world has changed already and some time – most likely in November – it will change even more dramatically. We are already madly in love.


29 weeks preggers in Santorini


Amazing restaurant in Oia to watch the sunset


Phil being Phil


6 thoughts on “Preggers

  1. Welcome back (to your blog) Tara! I’ve missed your blog, partly because I love your writing and mainly because I did miss the or this particular kind of connection with you and Phil and now the baby. This blog definitely brought tears. So love your and Phil’s attitude and approach to life and now to this next change in your life! Sending all of you a whole lo of love! Dad

  2. Congratulations!! I’m looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures in parenting. Of course not necessarily right away, as the first weeks and months are kinda overwhelming!

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