Phil’s Irish & Other Updates

My sadly neglected blog is seriously behind on gossip. All good – I think.

Phil got an exciting piece of mail from Canada – his Irish Citizenship. Through his grandfather, who spent all of his first year of life in Ireland, Phil was able to apply for citizenship. This now makes us EU citizens! Well – Phil is one and I’m still a lowly dependent. God I hate that word. We weren’t expecting to get his citizenship document until September, so you can imagine our surprise (and celebration) when it showed up at our house in February. I say “our house” because my dear Mumsy had been hoarding it at her house since December with a secret plan to burn it so that we would be forced to come back to Canada. Right Mumsy? It actually just hadn’t been opened until it showed up at our flat – nothing more dramatic that that.

We all know this is how Phil always did secretly dress whilst doing an Irish jig.

We all know this is how Phil always did secretly dress whilst doing an Irish jig.

On the job front, I am going into my 4th interview on Monday (with 3 different companies). This one on Monday has me seriously jumping up and down (see above). I won’t say any more so as not to jinx it. Phil’s company has officially relocated to the ever-so-trendy area of East London. They are in hipster central and Phil can walk to work. The things dreams are made of. It’s literally tech central for all of Europe. So everything is happy happy, which probably makes it easier to blog again. There were some times over the last 2 months where we almost hopped on a plane home (not that that would solve our 1st world problems) and everything seemed to be conspiring against us to leave this country.

But Spring is in the air here and everything feels fresh and exciting again. It’s actually supposed to be 15 degrees this weekend. Flowers are sprouting up everywhere. We’ve also booked flights to Prague and the Greek Islands. It feels like we’re turning a corner where things start coming together. Phil has every opportunity in the world in London (and Vancouver) now with his new-found citizenship and job prospects seem to be popping up out of nowhere for me. And as always, we have each other. Cheesy, but true. And that is something to be grateful for.


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