The Phoenix

And just like that my world is put back into perspective.

I’m always shocked when I put out a vulnerable post and get so much love back. I heard from people literally around the world, and I feel so loved. The people in my life are the absolute best!

My key takeaways and learning from my last post is that no feeling is permanent and it’s good to be in communication even if you really don’t want to be. I found I had a lot more support than I thought from people that believe in me sometimes more than I believe in myself.

I was reading a book recommended (and purchased and shoved down my throat – love you!) by my dad, which was recommended by my aunt (this is how my family operates) called “Broken Open” by Elizabeth Lesser and it says that we must go through the fire of the Phoenix to come out the other side changed and ready to take on what is next in life. The Phoenix process is uncomfortable and difficult and feels like a death sometimes, but it is also transformative. Through these periods of change, we have the opportunity to become more of who we really are and shed the expectations we place on ourselves.

Through my move to London, I have learned so much about myself. It’s actually more than just a move to London. It’s been taking on a job and then leaving that job. It’s been traveling to amazing places. It’s been exploring what makes me “me.” In stepping away from all that was comfortable to me in Vancouver, I’ve been forced to explore who I am at warp speed. What kind of people do I connect with? What kind of work really drives me? When is the right time to throw in the towel and when in the right time to fight and push through? What are the extents of Phil and I’s support for each other? What are we put on this planet for? And what are we willing to risk?

So what’s next for us? I am going to throw lots of balls in the air, juggle them and see which ones drop and which ones build momentum. I’m going to see which feel true to who I am and who Phil and I are as a partnership.


5 thoughts on “The Phoenix

  1. Tara, your honesty in the last post was inspiring. That really defined the human condition i.e. choices. We are one of the few species on this planet that realize that we have choices to change the way we live our lives. Unfortunately that can sometimes be overwhelming, yet it’s what makes life exciting/challenging/fun and sometimes heartbreaking.
    There is no right or wrong choices. The more you know yourself the more likely you are to make choices that will bring you joy. I know I’ve made choices in my life that, looking back, were not right for me, and I’m sure I will have a few more slip-ups before my days are through – lol. But I believe that these bumps along the way makes the successes all the more sweet. One thing that I have come to recognize is that deep down I’ve known when something has felt really right for me and when I have gone against my true nature.
    Whatever you choose to do, you will learn more about yourself in the process – whether it felt like the right choice or not.
    Love you Tara and Phil

  2. ahhhh yes the phoenix process … love that book. I keep it close. Thx for your blog again and again! I miss you so much. I really really do! XO

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