What to do?

2 posts in 1 day. What is happening?

We have come up against the conundrum of communal living. Up to this point, we loved our neighbourhood, our street and even the building we are in. I won’t be overly positive. There was some rank stench from the sewers that took over our kitchen every so often and our shower is likely a relic from a less clean, bygone era – where water pressure was non-existent. All these things suddenly seem irrelevant as of today.

This weekend we got new neighbours below us. The woman is a smoker and feels it’s her right to smoke from the comfort of her flat. This results in our flat smelling like an ashtray or what I remember White Spot smelling like when they still had a smoking section. Phil – very politely – asked if they wouldn’t mind smoking outside. They reacted as if we had asked them to re-invent the wheel or perform something from Cirque du Soleiol. An impossible task.

So we suffer. What to do though? All the rules say you can smoke within your own private residence. So do we move? Or are there any other suggestions? We’re not the first people to encounter this issue I’m sure. And if I am to contract lung cancer, I have this blog post as proof of its origination.


3 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. Hence the need for laws, rules, regulations. Maybe you could get an at home karaoke machine and start practicing every morning at 5 a.m.
    I don’t know Tara. Smoking in buildings is so not cool in North America, but Europe seems to have a different value system when it comes to smoking. It seems so unfair that you would have to move. It would be different if they were there first. Is there anyone else who is negatively effected who might support you in having them not smoke inside?

  2. your back! and you’re not kidding, what a conumdrum! Have you trying finding the offending vent, air duct or source of the incoming foul cigarette smoke? If you haven’t already pissed off the neighbours, you could see if they will cooperate in helping you with stopping the flow? And i don’t think momsy’s suggestion is a great one, you could piss off the whole building and they might not mind the ciggy smokers. But they might not appreciate the smell of weed, being from BC, you could try that. hahahaha.

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