6 months of life in London

It has now been 10 weeks at the new job. Time has a strange quality of feeling like it has gone fast and at the same time being able to reflect on how much I have learned and been through in a relatively short period of time. It has also been exactly 6 months of living in the UK.

My role is a new position so things are constantly adjusting and a little uncertain. Am I a part of the merchandising team or is my main focus being a Project Manager for all the growth the company is experiencing? Either way, I’m happy. I am pulling together fabrics, furniture pieces and accessories in colour choices the company hasn’t previously explored. I am getting a large say on the design direction for the business, which makes my toes curl with excitement. Everyone on our team is amazing. You never know how you’ll be received as the new person. My sense is that I have gelled well and have met people I will know for a long time. The company has also acquired another new building, so I am project managing the construction of two buildings at the same time. Nothing is dull.

I am now also working on new prototypes for the company, which means working with our product development team. I’m so excited to show you guys, but can’t until our marketing team says it’s alright. We’ll be doing a product launch at The Wold of Interiors event at the Saatchi Gallery in November. Yes – all the big guys should be out to play and I am helping design 2 rooms within the gallery to artfully display our products.

One of the things I find the most interesting is how different the language is in the UK. Yes, we all speak English, but it’s surprising how often words are different. When I said something was a “gong show”, everyone just looked at me with a puzzled expression. When I say toque, no one knows what that is. In England, washrooms are toilets and cookies are biscuits. Pillows are cushions and stoves are hobs. The list really does go on forever. And I have gotten used to adjusting for the most part, but certain words are as hard to change in my head as getting into the correct side of the car.

The lack of posts on this blog I was originally going to say was due to all the travelling we’ve been up to, but in reality I think it comes down to laziness, and the more days that go by, the more overwhelming it gets to post anything.

In September, we went to Berlin and Stockholm. Two very different cities. Both of which will require separate posts, which at this point I won’t commit to. October has consisted of sticking close to home. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a bunch of other crazy Canucks. Nicole & Guy were amazing hosts who made dinner for about 18 of us. I’m not sure why Phil looks like a heftier version of himself in this photo, but I found it very entertaining. Somebody was sweet enough to make us vegan pumpkin pie. How thoughtful! And so Canadian!

We’ve been having a great time in general. One of my co-workers had her big 3-0 party at a karaoke place in Westminster. I’ve never done karaoke and now regret going almost 30 years without.

We’ve found a great, 270-year-old pub, which is way too close to our home, which actually has vegetarian options. Sweet potato shepard’s pie with a pint of cider is amazing!

Here’s the pub as it would have looked maybe 100 years ago.

And here it is today:

My dad has bought his ticket to London for December! It will be our first official guest and he’ll be here for my birthday and Christmas. Then on Boxing Day we part ways where we’ll continue on to Marrakech and he’ll head back to Los Angeles. I am so excited! It has been exactly 6 months since we’ve seen anyone from Canada and to have an official date to expect my dad is the best Christmas present and birthday gift ever.


5 thoughts on “6 months of life in London

  1. wonderful blog Tara. So great. Miss you so much and phil. I can’t believe its been 6 months already. Love your writing. Thank you for posting this today. A great way to centre myself today ( its 7am) and going to RUNClub dressed as ANNIE! HA HA! Love you beautiful niece. Squish Phil for me! XOXOXOXO

  2. Your hair looks amazing Tara! Have you figured out the hair dilemma? Thank you for clarifying the fat Phil picture – I would’ve thought all those pix of Phil eating has caught up with him – lol. What did you sing at karaoke?
    Can’t wait to see the products that you helped develop – how exciting! Sounds like you are really busy so you have a good excuse for not posting.
    Don’t change your quirky Canadian expressions b/c they are apart of who you are eh.
    I’m so glad you were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with some friends. Is Halloween a big thing in London?
    xoxoxo – Mumsy

    • As for the hair, I found an amazing shampoo and conditioner for hard water areas. It’s called Area H2O and it is actually a friend of my boss who is the founder. The hair is still crazy though but at least it feels good.

      Halloween doesn’t seem to be as big a deal. We were invited to a Halloween party, but it was thrown by a Canadian. I’ll report back after the 31st.

  3. What a beautiful blog. Funny (as always), great sharing (as always) and the part at the end about my visit…just melted my heart in the most beautiful way. I am so so so excited to see you and Phil. Love, Dad

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