If my Mom were in London today

Today is my Mumsy’s birthday! Happy 40th Mom! She really does look and act younger than she is. And if I could spend the day with her today, here is what we would do (and maybe will do when she comes to visit next spring).

Bro, Mom & I in Van City

Bro, Mom & I in Van City. I’m sure this is what she usually feels like doing to us.

In the morning: Grab a coffee and a pastry from Ottolenghi and walk around Angel window shopping. If it’s nice, stop at Islington Green to savour our morning sunshine.

Then head to The British Museum in time for it to open and avoid too many crowds (tip: start at the top).

For lunch, we would walk to Food for Thought and stroll the market and shops at Covent Garden.

Every girl likes to shop (right?), so then we would go to Regent Street for some views of beautiful architecture and hopefully some sales.

After a long day on our feet, the evening would consist of nothing more than a good meal and glass of wine and a West End theatre. Maybe a glass of wine first at Cork & Bottle. Then some light dinner fare at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown (don’t worry – I know China and Japan are two totally different countries, but tell that to the folks in Leicester Square). In all honesty, I wouldn’t care what show we saw. If we were organized enough, we would buy some tickets early at the TKTS booth.

Love you so much Mom!! I totally wish you were here today, so I could spoil you rotten on your birthday! Instead, you’re probably surfing somewhere it Tofino enjoying a burrito from Tacofino. Have an amazing day!!


One thought on “If my Mom were in London today

  1. Can’t wait for my belated birthday day in London. It looks like it will be next June. I am so excited to have you show me around!! Looks like Grandma ma will be joining us as well.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes from afar Tara. Love you lots. xoxoxo

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