First day at new job

I can now really say that I am employed. Well, unless if you require documentation like a contract or known facts like number of vacation days. I had my first day today. So much rides on the first day. It’s your first impression to the majority of the people in the company. You want to look intelligent, put together and like you fit in, when really you’re feeling nervous, overwhelmed and a little bit excited. It is also the day that changes the trajectory of your life. I know that sounds dramatic, but think about how where you work influences your life. You meet new people. You gain new experiences. You have different routines. You never know what path a job will take you down. In previous jobs, I have met amazing friends. I have met future business partners. I have met life altering mentors. I have also met cruel power trippers, snotty gossipers and nasty commission thieves. I will now imagine all of the latter group have undergone immense changes and are now amazing people. In summary, starting a new job is not just simply starting a new job. Your whole life takes on a new dimension and path that you cannot predict. I think it’s all rather exciting.

This week, of course, is supposed to beautiful and sunny, but I can’t complain. I just had 3 months off. My new team took me out for lunch. I think they were all slightly horrified at working with a vegetarian, but I quickly put them at ease. I promised not to berate them with thoughts of animal cruelty and global warming. They are a terrific group that I can’t wait to get to know better.

I love my new job. Today, I worked very closely with another merchandiser to pick the perfect wallpaper for a new room that we are converting to look like a boutique hotel room. Very intense! My new boss looks like he walked out of a GQ catalogue. I’m pretty sure he’s gay, so Phil has nothing to worry about. I am going to have to up the wardrobe. I asked what the dress code is and the response I got was “Anything you want.” Fantastic! But somehow, I still think looking the part of the successful, Interior Designer is important. However, it is great that I can wear jeans whenever I feel like it.

The thing I’m most excited about is having a routine. God, I can hear the groans from here. I’m quite serious. I get to wake up at the same time everyday, catch the train to work and home from work at the same time everyday and have some structure in my life that I have not had, well, ever. For those of you who have had this for a long time, you might not be jumping for joy about your routine, and I’m sure I may get there at some point. For those that have worked for themselves, you know that every day is different, that you can work bizarre hours, you can stress about not putting in enough hours, and that your income can change dramatically depending on the month or time of year. None of those things are inherently bad. I’m just so looking forward to having the opposite. I can’t wait for the head space it frees up to just have a job that you go to every day. I’m sure there will be stress that comes up. I’m not completely naive to what having a job is all about. I’m just really looking forward to the change. Change is good!

How's the outfit for day 1? Ignore the glazed-over weird look in my eyes and the bad hair (there's honestly nothing I can do with it).

How’s the outfit for day 1? Ignore the glazed-over weird look in my eyes and the bad hair (there’s honestly nothing I can do with it).


7 thoughts on “First day at new job

  1. Looking very swish! Enjoy your new job and inhale the experiences and pleasures that await you!

  2. Wonderful blog again Tara. You look very professional ( and beautiful) – including your hair! I miss you. Congrats on your new job. I totally get what you are saying – after being self employed for the past 15 years – the thing I miss most about a job are : regular pay cheque! Some sense of security; less stress and a division between work and home. You are never ” off” when self employed. That being said – I still love it. Each has its joys and challenges. I am so proud of you to LEAP into new experiences all the time and can’t wait to read your next blog. Much love, love , love – Auntie Jo xoxoxox

  3. Congratulations! I checked out the website and it was very stylish. You’re very lucky, but deserving, of your new job. All the best! I’ll keep an eye out for Tara Hack in the latest UK Design mags!

  4. I just have to comment on your shoes. I kid you not. I have almost the identical sandal. Like mother, like daughter – ha ha. We are both attracted to shiny things.

    I know what you mean about self-employment vs. punching a clock. I’ve done both, but at the moment, I’m a nine-to-fiver. I like that I can concentrate on helping families without having to worry about the bottom line. I love going into our staff meeting, making crazy requests that we could just not afford as a non-profit, but, at the end of the day, not my problem. Although I do appreciate and sympathize with the bean counters.

    I’m glad you had a great first day. You are so right about your work mates being so much a part of your new journey (god, that word is over-used, I hate/love it). Me and my co-worker are so close that we feel that we must have shared another life together. I can count on her to here me out on a tough day (as well as my cheesecake partner).

    Also checked out your company’s website. So chic. It’s got cool written all over it. Can’t wait to see what you ad to the mix.

    Love you. xoxox

  5. Another absolutely great story and sharing!

    It is so fascinating that we humans crave consistency and variety in our lives, and you articulated that in such a heartwarming way!

    I am thrilled for you Tara to have this first class opportunity and to be embracing it the way you are.

    You are so beautiful, inside and out!

    Love you!


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