I got a job!!

I considered titling this something more leading, but went for the short, sweet and easy to understand instead. After 3 months in London, I can officially announce I am gainfully employed!

The job title is a work in progress, and honestly, titles don’t mean a whole lot to me. I will be working directly with the owner who has recently purchased two properties close to their our existing headquarters and needs help with the design and project management. I joked with him that he’s going to own the neighbourhood soon, and they’ll have to change the name of the tube stop. He said that was his plan. I will also be working with the merchandising team. My job will be to get inside the minds of Interior Designers and understand exactly what sorts of products they need before they even know they need them. I will be working with the buying department who is responsible for all the hard goods (dining tables, dressers, side tables, etc.). The company is The Sofa and Chair Company, and they are absolutely the best at making custom soft furnishings (anything upholstered). More important than what the position is – the owner is a true visionary, and I am so excited to work with him. He works with everyone on his team to help them realize their life’s goals and missions. How cool is that? He believes that the company will succeed if the people in the organization succeed and that some things are more important than simply looking at the bottom line (although that is important too). In that light, I actually got to choose my position. We discussed where I thought I would fit in best and where I could learn the most.

I am genuinely so excited! I think I start next Monday, so I am taking this week to finally relax and enjoy.

Does this look like a happy face?!

Does this look like a happy face?!

Okay - I've chilled out a bit.

Okay – I’ve chilled out a bit.

If you noticed the good hair in the above pictures, don’t give credit to me. I went to The King’s Canary, which is a cool, new hair studio in Fitzrovia. I booked it randomly through Wahanda, which is a great website for booking online beauty services. I really lucked out. Stanley, who is one of the owners and a hair master whose worked for some big names in London, is the nicest person and knew exactly how to deal with my unruly, hard-water-destroyed hair. He is also friends with Thomas Heatherwick, which makes him a superstar in my books. I’m considering going back every week just because it’s the first time my hair has really felt good in London. What would you pay for good hair every day that you didn’t have to fuss with?

Let's face it - I picked this place solely because I liked the design of the place.

Let’s face it – I picked this place solely because I liked the design of the place.

They're still working on the interior, but they've only been open for about 2 months.

They’re still working on the interior, but they’ve only been open for about 2 months. I think it’s a great start.


10 thoughts on “I got a job!!

  1. Congrats Tara, I am so excited for you! And your hair looks amazing! I think that you should definitely treat yourself every week :).

  2. I can’t wait to go to London and get my hair done at The Kings Canary! They did a great job on your hair! It and you look beautiful!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your absolute dream job! And for sharing your journey with all of us!

    It is a perfect fit!

    I am so happy for you!!!!!

  4. Lets face it. You got your good hair from your mama – lol.

    Congratulations on your new job!! It sounds exciting and right up your alley. Can’t wait to see what you create and all the details.

  5. Congratulations Tara, your tenaciousness paid off… i browsed the company site and found the perfect bed for myself (the late-night reader) gorgeous.
    Doc Martens are back in fashion here on Vancouver Island, reinvented and original styles – i thought to myself, who better to check them out for me, since you’re in London.
    We’ve just updated technically here – i will set up Skype soon.

    ps: your hair looks fab!

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