Get on with it

I suppose I should update everyone. I got a gentle reminder from a good friend who reminded me that I left her hanging.

Tuesday I had interview #2 with the custom furniture place doing sales. I was grilled for almost an hour and a half and left with the impression that this could go either way. I know I did my best. I answered each question thoroughly and did my damnedest to convince him that I was the person for the job. Sometimes your best just isn’t good enough. The first of the two questions that I struggled with was “What are you more pulled towards: the creative side and designing or the the sales and business side of things?” My honest answer is both and I stand by that. If I were hiring, I would want someone with both to be working with their Interior Design clientele; however, I got the distinct impression that that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. The other question was more of a statement: “I’m not sure you have what it takes to sell at this level. Convince me why I should hire you.” My answer “Are you freaking serious?” Okay – not what I said. What I did say (not exactly, but close enough), “I’ve only started three different companies from nothing, cold-called for two different jobs and landed my boss a $1million+ contract to a completely cold lead over the phone, had 180 clients with Coca Cola, and serviced fussy trade clients at Restoration Hardware. Did I mention that my Dad has made me negotiate for everything my entire life? So yeah, I think I can handle selling beautiful furniture to high-end clients.” Still no word back. It did get me thinking, if I can sell £1.2 million worth of their products annually (which would be my sales target), why wouldn’t I just sell for myself? By the way, the whole Restoration Hardware store in Vancouver sells $12million annually from what I remember and it’s one of the companies largest stores. Maybe I should have done a better job of getting them to convince me why I should work there. So now I wait to hear back. They wouldn’t give me a time that they would decide by, so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it will be this week coming up some time. As you can tell, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but Phil and I are thinking through everything this weekend about what we really want. I’m actually feeling incredibly positive about everything – even though it may not seem like it thus far into the post. I know things will work out how they’re meant to work out and Phil and I are always on the same page as a united front.

I feel like a Phil update is necessary too. Sometimes, I forget to include him in these posts. He has really taken to his new job. On Thursday, he got pulled into an acquisition meeting with all the head honchos of the company that he works with. This is something that never would have happened in Vancouver. He also hired his second developer for his team and is putting together a great group of guys to work alongside. He really stretched himself to hire someone – went to networking events, dealt with recruiters and consulted with the rest of the company. As a developer, this isn’t generally part of your job description, but Phil has jumped into the new role in London and I am extremely proud of him.

His health stuff is all getting worked out as of this week. The medical system here has been amazing. They are actually doing preventative measures for his hemachromatosis that I’m pretty sure the doctors in Vancouver don’t even know about. Apparently, high iron can lead to diabetes, so they performed a glucose test over the course of three hours one day. They also scanned all his organs to make sure none have any damage thus far. As far as we know, they all looked good with the exception of some stones in his gallbladder. We think he has to go back to the doctor to get the official results though. Pretty amazing that they are willing to do preventative medicine here though. And his knee seems to be all better with the help of daily stretches.

On to the fun stuff, Phil took Friday off and we spent the day as tourists in London. It has been so beautiful weather-wise here that we thought we should take advantage of it.

We headed to Borough Market by London Bridge for some foodie wonder – as recommended by one of my new friends:


This one is for my Grandpa – the garlic fiend.


I love that truffles are displayed like jewelery and cost about the same.


IMG_20130726_111435[1] IMG_20130726_111054[1] IMG_20130726_110412[1]




IMG_20130726_120503[1]The Shard

IMG_20130726_141224[1]We found Whole Foods paradise in South Kensington. They had a food court of all sorts of stuff.

We briefly checked out Kensington Palace:




And then we went to the Science Museum where we got to geek out:

IMG_20130726_174440[1]I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse-drawn buggy in real life that looked like this one from the 1800’s.

IMG_20130726_170613[1]Who’s that driving the Ford Model T? And is that the first atom splitter in the background? Oh, yes it is.


3 thoughts on “Get on with it

  1. Tara and Phil,
    You titled this blog perfectly, and filled us all in beautifully and with wonderful humour and wit.
    I love this blog and hearing the upbeat positivity that you shared.
    It blew my mind as I read about Phil going way outside his comfort zone and creating such amazing results and like you said being pulled into things like an acquisition meeting that would not have happened in Vancouver. I’m just bursting with pride for Phil! Go Phil Go!
    The gem about, “Why would you work for the furniture company and sell $2 million (£1.2 million) for them when you can do that for yourself?” really resonated with me. Especially in the context of the powerful way you described your experience, skills and accomplishments. You’ve got the goods Tara to do anything.
    Can’t wait to hear the sort of closing chapter, as to whether you take the job or launch your business.
    It was heartwarming to hear the positive news about Phil’s health. Made me tear up.
    Your blogs are simply amazing! Just like you!

    PS – what do you mean that I make you negotiate for everything? 😉 Obviously that practice is paying off!! LOL

  2. Consider that if/when you write your bio and write it as powerfully and confidently as you did in this blog and share it with investors to engage them to invest in your business that this will absolutely resonate with them and they WILL invest!

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