The Social Life

The one thing I’m really proud of since I’ve been here is that I’ve really put myself out there to meet people. In the last little while, I have had a lot of fun doing a bunch of different activities.

I tried out a running club close by. I was invited by a fellow Canadian. The people were great and we went for a drink afterwards. The actual running club wasn’t quite what I was looking for. After learning to run with my aunt and doing so from a place of acceptance of all levels and not being pressured to run at a certain pace or level, I was craving more of that. I also love to run/walk (especially since I haven’t run since before we left for London) and that wasn’t a concept for this group. I still would consider going back though because the people are great. We went to this sort of dive pub after the run that used to be a theatre. The drinks were

Last Monday, I met up with a fellow blogger. I feel strange saying “fellow” since I really started this blog just to be in touch with people at home, but it is a blog, so I guess I’ll just have to get over that. She is an American and moved here with her fiance almost a year ago. I discovered her blog after looking for places to eat in our neighbourhood – Highbury. I sent her an email seeing if she wanted to get together and I met her and her puppy, Oliver at the pub around the corner from where we live. Yes – dogs are allowed in pubs. We also bumped into her and her fiance after we both were at Ottolenghi on Sunday. It’s so amazing that we’re starting to have a little community here. They are absolutely people we seem like we would click with. Sometimes it feels like dating for friends – some you get along with and some you don’t.

On Wednesday, I met up with a fascinating crew on the south-west side of London. I was introduced to a woman through Guy (my friend Nicole’s fiance – note that these two have been so amazing!) in an attempt to break into the creative world. I met her and two of her colleagues who work in the fascinating world of managing classical musicians and singers. I’m afraid to even touch the subject because I know nothing about it (or didn’t before Wednesday). They work with the elite of the industry and it was so interesting to learn about what their world looks like. One of the women is an American, vegetarian, so we hit it off of course. They helped me look at my job search from a different perspective, but mostly we just hung out and chatted. Such a fab group!

Thursday was an iced-tea get together with a new German friend before we hit Zumba. I am now even more excited to visit Berlin at some point. We both happened to live in Nice on an exchange through university, although she is younger than me, so her memories are probably more vivid. It’s strange to find similarities with someone who grew up speaking a different language and living in a very different country from Canada.

Friday was amazing. I went to my first ever fashion show at the V&A with the same Canadian from the running club. She had an extra ticket to the celebration of 25 years of Jenny Packham and invited me along. First of all, models are terrifying in real life. I have no idea why anyone would aspire to look like one. They look miserable and hungry and too skinny. Up close, they have the same bad skin we do and the same bad hair. I kept wondering why we put so much negativity towards people who are overweight and then idolize these people who are so thin. I really don’t understand it. The fashion was amazing though. And the venue added to the atmosphere. If I had to summarize Jenny Packham’s collection, it would be sparkly dresses. She dresses the likes of celebrities and royals and is very famous in the world of fashion.

To see the fashion show, click here.

(image via here)

(image via here)

Which brings us to the weekend, where we celebrated my friend Elan’s birthday. She has amassed a large group of friends in her two years in London. I can’t get over how easy it is to meet new people here. Everyone approached us and welcomed us into the group (even though they didn’t all know each other). We ended up walking home with a Canadian and Italian couple who, it turns out, live in our neighbourhood. They lived in Italy  together for quite a while, then moved to England a year and a half ago. They are just great people!

If reading about my daily happenings is boring, I apologize. I wanted to balance the somewhat desperate sounding job posts and ensure I show that life is actually really good and London is amazing. There’s more happening than just looking for a job. I sometimes forget that people aren’t experiencing what I’m up to as I do it, so I might get an email or a call from someone and they’re wondering if I’m alright and how I’m coping. And I’m sitting there wondering why they are feeling that way, so I’m trying to do a better job of balancing the blog.

Happy Monday!


6 thoughts on “The Social Life

  1. I really enjoyed and appreciated this blog Tara. It was very nice to hear about your meeting nice people and to hear that you and Phil are enjoying London!

  2. I’m replying to you on Tuesday. We just got back from camping. I realize you must have gone for your second interview by now, so I hope that brought you some clarity to what you want to do.

    Whatever you decide, thinking ahead is a good plan. Unfortunately, this world revolves around $$. I’m at a point that I realize I won’t be able to work forever, so socking some away for when that time comes is important. You always think that you will be set when you reach your senior years, but this is not always the case. Right now, I enjoy my work and the people that I work with. But will I be able to do my job at 60? The reality is, as you age, less people will hire you and you may have run your course in your current position.

    How does this relate to you right now? I suppose it doesn’t really. You grew up with two totally different mindsets, mom being more of a socialist, and dad, an entrepreneur. While I never had exciting highs and lows in money flow, I began to appreciate the stability of making a steady income in a 9 to 5 job as well as a pension in the future and being in control of my life.

    Camping two hours from home by a beautiful lake may not be as exciting as the French Riviera, but I can afford it and it was absolutely stunning.

  3. Your daily happenings are not boring! I love hearing about all the wonderful and exciting things you get up to. The fashion show pictures are amazing. There is definitely more to life than looking for a job, and more to life than work in general. Even when you are able to work at something that is your absolute passion with the person that you love most in the world. And by the way, still very excited to see what you and Phil are going to unveil as your latest business venture!!

    That delicate balance is something I’m struggling with right now…why is it that we always seem to have either too much free time, or not enough? I suppose it goes back to the stories we tell ourselves about what we do and do not have time for…thanks for that reminder Gordon. I always seem to find insight for my own life in your posts Tara, I guess sometimes its just helpful to see the world through someone else’s lens.

    Enjoy all the amazing sights and sounds and beautiful weather around you, soon enough we’ll be back to winter, where there’s always time to work.

    • Awww! Thanks H!! I’m always blown away by your comments!! As my dad always says, there’s no such thing as balance. You just have to love everything that you do and then you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. And we have definitely been enjoying this weather. Although it is pouring with rain right now with thunder and lightning. XO T

  4. I love this post about “dating” for new friends. I made me reminisce of my mat leave with Cassia. I was the first of my friends to have a baby, thus for my year off, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Once I figured out the baby thing and was ready to meet people, I ended up joining a mom group via It was great! Like you, some moms I clicked with, others I didn’t. In fact, one of the moms that I met through that group is my main go-to person on this mat leave. She had her second baby born only 2 days before Grayson. We were actually in the hospital at the same time. Her older daughter and Cassia play really well together so we hang out all the time now, even though we didn’t really hit it off in the beginning.

    I also took that opportunity to meet a lot of people I would have never met before (i.e. outside of medicine) and it was so refreshing! I joined a knitting group on Main Street from a girl that has been making and selling her own clothes since she was 16! She has a storefront now on Main and in Victoria. Through her I’ve learnt a lot about local business, fashion, etc and met some really interesting people in professions that I didn’t know even existed. (i.e. dressing up as Japanese anime like characters and going to conventions).

    Anyhow, good on you for putting yourself out there and meeting people! It just shows how much self-confidence you have and that confidence spills over into your friendships, relationships and professional life. It definitely makes new people take notice and say “Hey, I want to be friends with her!” Lucky me, I have had a whole 24 years of knowing you already 🙂

    • I can’t believe it has been 24 years! Eeps! Let’s not talk about that. 🙂 It sounds like you are taking complete advantage of your mat leave. Good for you!! You have always been good at everything you’ve touched, so it doesn’t surprise me that you are meeting people in different fields and exploring all that Vancouver has to offer. Enjoy this summer with your adorable family!!

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