Blue pill or the red?

As Phil’s former boss, David, said so succinctly, “Do I take the blue pill or the red pill?”

First world problems are running rampant this week. It’s hot and sweaty on the tube. Somebody stepped on my white pants. A guy yelled at me at Whole Foods for budging in line, which I vehemently deny doing. I may have a job offer. “Wait,” you say, “that doesn’t sound like a problem.”

On Tuesday, I had an interview that went quite well. The role is sales for a company that does custom furniture. I would be working directly with interior design firms and building the company’s client base, as well as working with their existing clients. They make all the furniture in London, which is really cool. I got a tour of where they make furniture. Is there any smell better than someone doing woodworking? It happened, didn’t it? You could smell your Grade 8 woodworking class or was that just me? The company was started as a one man show by a guy from Afghanistan who came to London with nothing. He was originally a tailor. He became interested in upholstery and worked evenings and weekends for free in an upholstery shop to learn the trade. He then ventured out on his own and knocked on doors one-by-one to gain new clients. Today, the company has 100 employees and has been increasing sales by 50% each year. It’s a pretty impressive story.

My potential future boss said to get back to him if I was interested in having a second interview. So I blasted off an email to him the next day with a slew of questions and a request for a second interview. So interview #2 happens next Tuesday. Why do I not feel more excited though? Is there something wrong with me? I’m specifically talking about this department, so resist the urge to point out all my other flaws. The job is not exactly my dream job. I love designing, and I love entrepreneurship. Here, I would be building someone else’s business and watching other Interior Designers doing what they love. At the same time, I get a regular pay cheque plus commissions. I would be able to build a network of people in the industry I’m so passionate about. The company is growing at a rapid pace, so there is tonnes of potential to grow. It’s also not bad that I would get to show up to client meetings in a Range Rover and a new iPhone is included in the deal.

(image via here)

I thought I would be relieved at this point, although I still have another interview to go through. I think I got so excited by the thought of Phil and I working on a project together that everything else seems like taking the safe, comfortable cop-out route. And I feel so strongly about driving this project and bringing it to life. I also know that if my future, potential boss finds this, I could look like a less than stellar candidate. Luckily, I tried Googling my name and some singer named Tara Hack has hijacked my life online.

In summary, taking a job has lots of benefits and starting a venture on our own has lots of potential. Blue pill or the red?


5 thoughts on “Blue pill or the red?

  1. You’re 29, and brilliant. Do it all.
    I love the Range Rover!
    Seriously…… I lovetheRangeRover.
    Ok, really seriously, right now your slightly overly zealous Dad is creating or driving 5 businesses. And I’m not working 80 hours a week.
    And I’m having a blast meeting and engaging with top notch people and teams.
    Life balance is a myth.
    Life harmony is possible.
    Sometimes ya just gotta go for it.
    You and Phil are so amazing as you support each other 100%!
    Go for it. Whatever “it” is!
    Go buy a Mini (April 27, 2007)! (You’ll have to explain that to people)
    Take it all, play with each piece, discard what does not serve you.
    You won’t know how each opportunity really works and feels or does not work unless you try it/them.
    Love you!
    Cannot wait to read your response.

    • Hi Dad… You get the flexibility in planning your day and focusing on the things that you want to get done. This job has a strict 8:30 to 6:00 day that they aren’t willing to be flexible on. So that means no meet-ups and no networking during those times. And an hour commute each way won’t help that. And I totally get what you’re saying. I know it would be great to meet people and try it out. And I don’t believe you that you’re not working 80 hours. Nice try! I went to an event yesterday at Google Campus and it was just so inspiring. You could literally feel the vibe of all these ventures being created and all these passionate people. Maybe I’ll have to be a moonlighter though and make it all work. Love you!

  2. If you could hop in a time capsule and take a trip into the future, and you could “stop” in July 2014 and again in July 2023, what does your life look like if you choose Path A, Path B or Path C? Love you!

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