Oops, my bad

I ended up having an interview today. Yes – with the people at notonthehighstreet.com. The one’s who I was not so kind to the other day. It turns out I was very wrong and probably influenced everyone else into thinking that I was very justified. So now I’m hear to eat my words. Apparently, I was simply over-qualified for the position posted.

I owe them a big apology. I am very sorry for putting out to the world those thoughts that you were a less than stand up company.

On a lighter note, the interview went super (particularly after I realized they weren’t just trying to steal ideas from people). There is no position available currently, however. How do I keep ending up in this situation? The company seems to be up to really interesting stuff though and in theory, I could be in charge of their Interior Design/Homewares section of their website and growing that. They just don’t have the capability immediately to create that position.

(image via here)


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