Two Packed Days

What a difference it makes to do things. This may sound obvious. The last two days I have been out doing things and met amazing people. I think going to the pub really helped turn things around. Obviously that wasn’t it. It was all you amazing people who lifted my spirits when I needed it most. God, I can be a drama queen. I’m the worst kind, too. The kind who thinks they are the opposite of a drama queen.

Yesterday, Heather and I were madly trying to figure out how to make these projects that have come in work. We’re still not sure, but we’ll do what we always do – jump in and figure it out. I came across a free lecture at the Victoria & Albert Museum (which is my favourite museum). The talk was titled “Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture.” It was rather dull, actually. Some really good curators should maybe not speak publicly. He did introduce me to some interesting uses of colour on buildings I had never heard of though. via here)

This is simply a warehouse designed by Sauerbruch Hutton. They’ve used 16,000 metal panels to cover the facade.

(image via here)

A completely brass facade by Make. This one is in London, so I can go check it out. Can you imagine the glare if you were across the street when direct sunlight hits it?

(image via here)

Have you ever seen a church like this before? It’s the Church of the Novy Dvur in the Czech Republic. I think the sparsity of the architecture adds to the peace and tranquility.

(image via here)

This building, Didden Village by MVRDV, is located atop this one:

(image via here)

You weren’t expecting that, were you?

At the event, I met another Canadian as I was chatting with a local Londoner. She’s from Toronto and has just moved here with her husband and is living in our neighbourhood. How handy is that? I also got to wander around the V&A afterwards, which is always fun. My shoes decided that I had had enough that day though, so I hobbled home with giant gashes on my heels. They are flats. They are supposed to be comfortable. I got home and then went for some Zumba-ing. I met a lovely woman who just moved here from Germany or more specifically Berlin, so I was grilling her about Berlin and when to go. Zumba has been a great place to meet people!

This is the White Tara. One of the most revered and loved in Tibet.

This is the White Tara. One of the most revered and loved in Tibet.

Today, I met up with a new friend. She’s originally from Portland, Oregon, but has been living here for five years with her husband and daughter. It’s nice to see what it’s like after you’ve been here for a while. We met at the introduction day for the Chelsea College of Art & Design and bonded over how flaky we thought the school was. Today, we went back to see the students final projects. The booklets were amazing, especially if you wanted to go into book design. As far as interior design, I really don’t know what you do with the education they provide.

For lunch, I discovered this great little market: Tachbrook Street Market.

The happy patron

The happy patron

And ate this amazing falafel wrap:

It was only 3 GBP!!

It was only 3 GBP!!

Afterwards, I wandered around the hoighty toighty Belgravia neighbourhood. I’ve never seen such a vast number of Rolls Royces and Bentleys in my life. Harvey Nichols had a sale, so maybe that was enough for all the heiresses to call up their drivers and head out on the town. I may have wandered in myself and drooled over these Christian Louboutin shoes:

They were on sale for only 245 GBP! That is actually really amazing.

They were on sale for only 245 GBP! That is actually really amazing.

I also discovered another location of Ottolenghi and it has got to be my favourite bakery now – bar none. Tamara – when you come visit, we are going straight from the airport to Ottolenghi for a pain-au-chocolat.

Look at the window display. Can you blame me?

Look at the window display. Can you blame me?

The day gets better, too. I went into a beautifully designed interiors store who I knew were hiring and met a really nice (I think I’m overusing this phrase – note to self: find other way to describe nice people) woman who works there. She answered a tonne of my questions about what it’s like to work there and what her day-to-day looks like. It went fantastically. And she lives in my neighbourhood! I did miss the owner of the store. I even went back a little while later, and I just missed her again. So we’ll see how this pans out. It’s just nice to feel optimistic again. And the store is beautiful. It is designed by the same guy who does design work for the Louvre. The store owner’s family just happens to be friends with him.

Here’s one shot of the interior of the store:


And just to give you a flavour of the neighbourhood…



And I haven’t seen my husband in these two packed days. Commuting sucks! He should be home around 9pm tonight. That’s normal, right?


4 thoughts on “Two Packed Days

  1. Tara, So, how did the overall week go? Now that the sunshine has broken out (yahoo) what is the breakthrough? I can see one breakthrough, called being vulnerable is safe and life is all about being safe, even if you are doing a parachute jump – i.e.- checking the chute, walking around the plane etc. I love your blogs over the past few days and all your blogs. It is keeping us (all) connected and they are so engaging and entertaining and so much more. This one kind of has me sitting on the edge of my chair, wondering….now what? So, now what? Love YOU. Dad

    • Overall, the week has been a standout! What a week it has been! Breakdowns definitely lead to breakthroughs. I also realized that generally people like me. And I have no fear around meeting new people and striking up a conversation with pretty much anyone. So now what… Now I wait for Phil to get home. Someone was hit by a train and he had to get off and figure out a way to get home. Now, I go and have an amazing weekend – starting tomorrow with Nicole at Taste of London. And take one day at a time and know that I’m doing the best that I can.

  2. Maybe you should move to Tibet and say that you are the White Tara – ha ha. You Goddess you. I can’t wait to visit and see some of the sights that you have shared with us so far.

    Thinking about your situation, maybe instead of worried about what lies in the future, enjoy your unique position in that you don’t know what the next day will hold. Most of us know that we will wake up tomorrow, go to work and come home. There is excitement in not knowing where you will be. Embrace the excitement and revel in the unknown. I know that we don’t tend to do that. We are to busy stressed about the not knowing. I’ve had a little of both in my life and right now I’m enjoying the comfort of my predictable life. Perhaps sometime soon I will be ready to be in the unknown again.

    • Forgot to respond to this one! I can’t wait for you to come here and we can go see everything! I love your philosophy of enjoying one day at a time. It’s true – once you get a job, then you just spend your time worrying about other things. I don’t think the worrying stops – it just changes.

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