Today’s another day

This whole being vulnerable thing is pretty amazing. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I’m again in awe of the people in my life. I had so many people reach out from my last post. I guess I always saw down days as being weak. I realize now that sharing those moments is the opposite of being weak. It brought me so much strength.

I had a Skype call from China from one of my oldest friends – thanks Jenny! My amazing friend Nicole who moved to London the month after we did gave me a dressing down – “You know I’m here. You should call when you’re feeling like that.” It’s amazing to have support in the same time zone! She also mentioned that if we can survive working at Coke, then we can survive anything, which is true. And I got a slew of emails from people who care.

I like that I now have the option to be vulnerable. I also see that I won’t be judged for being so. I can now look at options other than working in Interior Design and not feel like a failure. I’m now looking at options like volunteering in a way I hadn’t before (thank you Kathryn and Jenny!). And if I have to take a job like working at Starbucks to keep my sanity, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesser person (thank you Lisa Mac!).

And it helps that Phil came home early from work yesterday, without having read the blog and suggested we go for a pint at our local pub. When in Rome…

So I’ve now started to fill my calendar with exciting opportunities and realize the importance of getting out of my head. This blog has been so amazing for opening me up to a community I thought I had and now I know I have. You all are amazing and if I can be there to support any of you, please don’t hesitate! I didn’t die being vulnerable and neither will you.

Handsome husband at The Alwyne Castle

Handsome husband at The Alwyne Castle


2 thoughts on “Today’s another day

  1. Tara drinking beer?! What, did they run out of wine in London?! Amazing. I just read your past two blog posts, and I have to say I’m impressed it took you so long to have that OH NO! HOLY CRAP! meltdown moment. And I say impressed, not surprised, because its you, Tara. And I know that you can conquer any challenge that life puts in front of you. I completely understand your frustration with the job situation, having been in this situation together, and apart, please know you can always talk to me about anything! And I’m sorry for torturing you with the Vancouver sunshine. If it makes you feel any better its raining right now!!

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