Oh, the options…

My head is near bursting with ideas and before I forget them all, I must write them down and what better place than here? These things could be hobbies, they could be fun things to try or they could become lucrative side jobs (or full-time jobs).

  1. Partner with Fab.com. To create what? I’m not sure, but I like what they’re up to. Maybe create a line of re-usable bags, since they seem rather hard to come by here.
  2. What about Etsy? There’s something appealing about having such a large, built-in audience. Again, what would I sell? Maybe vintage items I find at car boot sales?
  3. I found this site: Bouf. It looks like you can create your own little shop within their online store. Sounds similar to Etsy, but it’s in the UK and it looks a little higher end. I had this idea to use all these unemployed people here that are creative geniuses somehow. Maybe “use” is the wrong word. Maybe create a line of limited edition t-shirts?
  4. In the jobs category, I’m stretching my boundaries. I’m now open to working with companies that are selling interesting products to the trade (meaning designer & architecture firms). I love homes and interiors, so pretty much anything in that field or working with passionate, creative other people.
  5. An Interior Stylist position could be interesting, particularly for a magazine.
  6. There are a lot of sites springing up that have designers and architects compete to get a job. I have mixed thoughts about this. You put out a lot of work and may not get paid, so are you undervaluing your service? Or do you see it as a steady stream of potential clients? Here’s the one I’ve been looking at: Arcbazaar
  7. I think more than anything, I need an outlet. I like doing things (thanks Captain Obvious!). I could see myself making furniture, refurbishing old pieces or crafting something (but not in a scrapbooking kind of way). I’d love to renovate an old home, but I don’t think that’s in the short term plans.
  8. I’ve got Phil, so why not start an online store of some sort? Forget paying 30% commission to somebody else to host your store.
  9. There’s still the prospect of working with design clients virtually through this thing called the Internet. I like that idea. Who says you have to meet in person?

Thanks for listening. I really just needed an outlet. I can hear all the Brits saying “Come on now. Just get on with it.”

If I was going to fix up a house, it would look like this one (once I was done with it).

If I was going to fix up a house, it would look like this one (once I was done with it).


2 thoughts on “Oh, the options…

  1. Said with a megaphone and sent with love….find someone to collaborate with on one, two or all of these very workable ideas.

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