The Domesticated Weekend

It’s finally happened. A weekend without Stonehenge or Windsor Castle or the British Museum (which I forgot to write about) or an adventurous trip out of the city. I think the shininess of London may be wearing off. At first, I didn’t want to waste a minute being inside. I was in London, baby! I should be out there seeing, doing, exploring.

This weekend, we went to Ikea. Ikea Tottenham is virtually the same as the one in Richmond. Although, there is a cafe that serves cappuccinos and espressos and the like, but not at what I would consider to be Ikea pricing. £2.10 for a cappuccino – no, not going to happen at Ikea. We took the bus from our house and it went straight there. We sat at the front of the double decker and got a scenic view of north-east London. I’m glad we picked the neighbourhood we did to live. The areas we saw are what you might call eclectic. One thing to note or piece of advice: don’t wear a yellow shirt and blue pants to Ikea. Phil mistakenly thought a woman worked there, but she kindly stated she did not. We slowly walked away in a state of confusion and embarrassment. She  definitely looked like she was wearing the Ikea uniform, with work boots and everything. I’ve never taken a bus with all the goodies I find at Ikea. I accidentally did a blue bag head chop to a woman as I was furiously trying to make my way from the top of the double decker to the exit door before the bus took off again. Maybe I took out more, because there was lots of glares.

Our lovely new clothing rack for our entry. Why are even the simplest of Ikea inventions impossible to put together? for 6.50 GBP, I'm not complaining though.

Our lovely new clothing rack for our entry. Why are even the simplest of Ikea inventions impossible to put together? For 6.50 GBP, I’m not complaining though.

After our Ikea experience, we decided a cider and beer in the park with a couple of Mexican burritos was the way to go. Phil opened up our new cork screw and proceeded to dislodge the bottle cap from its neck. Unfortunately, between the crappy cork screw and Phil’s heavy hand, part of the neck of the cider came with the cap and glass ended up somewhere. Have no fear, we’ll just share the beer. As I took a sip and placed the bottle back down, I noticed a chunk of the neck missing on the beer bottle as well. Thankfully, as I’m always prepared for any situation, I sauntered home and grabbed my back-up cider from the fridge and all was well in the world.

Sunday we discovered the local, Islington farmer’s market. I was really impressed. We bought two giant bags of fruits and vegetables for under £20. I felt so British with my beet greens spewing from my re-usable, cloth grocery bag. In Vancouver, I volunteered for the Farmer’s Market, so I love buying local and direct from farmers. What was great is that the prices seemed to reflect the avoidance of any middle men here. In Vancouver, I found that the organic produce was more expensive than Whole Foods, which was a bit perplexing. Now, maybe I’ll have enough food stocked to not let the bakery tempt me with it’s delicious pain-au-chocolats and almond croissants. We recently discovered Ottolenghi. Their window displays alone are enough to make me weak at the knees. As a restaurant, it’s got some pretty serious street cred, but I can only vouch for the pastries.

Islington Farmer’s Market

(image via here)

Ottolenghi – I told you so

(image via here)


6 thoughts on “The Domesticated Weekend

  1. Maybe Ikea could use a young dynamic interior designer since they are so handy. I’m not sure if they could afford someone with your experience though.
    It looks like you two are settling in to London and creating a similar life style to what you had in Vancouver as far as finding the right amenities to suit your needs. It sounds like you’ve really embraced some of the culture such as drinking in the part – hee hee.

  2. hahaha T… I laughed out loud! I bought a clothing rack online off Amazon.. it lasted 3 days and broke… it just couldn’t handle MY wardrobe… do you think Ikea could take it?!?! lol… I’ve also managed to hit a few people in the face with umbrella’s and youd be surprised how many people thinking blue and yellow outfits are a good idea.. tell Phil it’s not his fault! LOL xxx

    • I don’t know if there’s a clothing rack in the world that will stand up to your collection, but it probably wouldn’t be this Ikea one either. It’s cheap.

  3. checking out your new clothing rack, Phil’s stuff still hasn’t arrived? hehehe
    and i’d be giving you the stink-eye too, if i was on the bus, reading my book, and along comes shop girl… sorry Tar, couldn’t resist a little Ferris humour…

    • Phil’s stuff has arrived, it just isn’t pretty enough to put at the front door! 🙂 And I would give me the stink eye too. I hate those people who are clueless about what’s going on around them!

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