Tara the Techy?

It has a certain ring to it.

I have to admit – the world is really having some fun with Phil and I in the work department. Part of Phil’s mandate with the job in London was to recruit 2 new programmers, train them and get them up to speed, so that London could be its own self-sustaining unit and a support system while the team in Vancouver is slacking sleeping. This hasn’t been as easy a task as one would assume. Phil had two interviews scheduled – one today and one Monday. Both cancelled. The tech industry is booming. It’s the same in Vancouver. They can’t find enough resources to fill the positions. It’s the same in Silicon Valley, which we visited last year.

Oh, the irony. Here I am so excited to get out there and work and am willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. And these techies can waltz into work at whatever time suits their schedule, dictate their pay and obviously have enough options that they can cancel an interview 10 minutes before it’s supposed to begin. Do they realize how good they have it?

I know Phil isn’t thinking this way right now. Right now, he’s stressed trying to fulfil his duties as an employed techie and get butts in seats. He has not had a lot of great candidates. Finally, he organizes two interviews and both get cancelled – one had a “family emergency” and the other decided to stay at his current company (read: they gave him a raise to stay). When you can’t find people who actually want to work, what do you do? Just keep increasing the pay until you can get the best of the best? It feels like buying a house and ending up in a bidding war. It’s a seller’s market (or rather employee’s market) in the tech industry. Then you end up with someone and you’re wondering “Is this person really worth that much?” And buyer’s remorse sets in. Phil’s company has really high standards for who they want working with them. Who doesn’t? I think it’s always good to hire strong candidates who fit the company culture. Here’s the challenge – you put your offices out in Welwyn Garden City and set up cubicles in a drab office space and you might as well just decide you’ve killed innovation and the desire for anyone interesting to want to work there. Meanwhile, Google is setting up their new London headquarters in the heart of the city in one of the main transit hubs in Europe and spending $2 billion to do so.

How can two industries be so different? The real irony is that it causes stress on both sides of the equation – me looking for work and Phil hiring someone.

So my solution – I become a techy. Yes? Can you see it? I’ve got someone amazing to train me. Although, I did once try to learn Java in university and ended up getting my friend’s boyfriend to finish my project. This was in the days before Phil. It was worse than learning another language. At least learning another language, there is the possibility of travel and conversing with people (real, live people!). I’m only joking (much to Phil’s relief).

In all seriousness, I hope the techies of the world take this time on the planet to really appreciate their value and options available to them.

And lastly, no – I didn’t hear back from Yoo this week. I will follow up next week and get an update.

Here’s Google’s current London offices:

'Lala Library' seating area

'Hedge Your Bets Secret Garden' on roof terrace


6 thoughts on “Tara the Techy?

  1. OK Tara the Techie, have you thought about writing articles for a newspaper or magazines in regards to your travels abroad? You are a great writer who keeps me so interested in what you are saying. Just a thought. Love to both of you.

    • Hi Lynette! Thanks for compliment!! I’ve received quite a few encouragements to write elsewhere. I suppose I should do something about that. Hope you and Don are doing well! Love Tara

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