All moved in

At long last, we have arrived out our final destination – Highbury, Islington. Yesterday, we moved what our cab driver referred to as “all our worldly possessions.” Pretty depressing considering there is nothing of value other than Phil – who is rather important, though. It feels so nice to be settled. At our temporary flat, we still had most of our stuff packed and wore basically the same outfits day after day. And as much as I loved our location close to Kings Cross, the flat left a little to be desired. Here’s some things to note if you wish to rent out your place to vacationers:

  1. Make sure you have 2 keys. Phil and I could not, for the life of us, coordinate our schedules, so often he would be waiting at the train station for me to return home. Not ideal!
  2. Clean! This is really important. The 100 year old flat had some great details, but it was hard to see past the grit. The flooring had been removed to reveal the original wood subfloor, which looked amazing in pictures. In reality, there was about a 1/4″ gap between the floorboards that held on to ever piece of filth that ever fell into it over the last hundred years.
  3. If you say you have a fully stocked kitchen, make sure you have a full stocked kitchen. In reality, there was whatever everyone else had left behind. We had two mismatched forks. Phil and I fought over the one with four prongs. There was a dishwasher, but no freezer. I’d probably prefer it the other way around, but that’s being rather particular. The oven had a weird clip that you had to lift up to open the door, which is fine before it heats up, but rather dangerous when you have to take your food out.
  4. Have a mattress that doesn’t make your limbs fall asleep. Ikea isn’t a good option for everything.
  5. Leave items to clean. I attempted to vacuum once, which resulted in the wheel falling off, the duct tape that kept the hose attached becoming dislodged and the power coming on intermittently.
  6. Warn your patrons that their is a screaming child that cries all hours of the day and night that lives in the flat below you. We lovingly nicknamed him Lucifer.
  7. If the place you own is in some sort of subsidized housing development, it is important to just give your tenants the heads up. I can’t confirm that this is the case, but can only go on the appearance of other habitants of the building. This could be a bit judgemental.
  8. Internet! Necessity! The listing said it had Internet, but really it was hooking into someone elses Wi-Fi, so it worked about half the time and made me want to throw my laptop out the window. Aren’t you guys excited? Now you might be getting twice as many posts as before!

Overall, I really am not complaining. Our first month in London has been smooth sailing. And who can complain when they can walk to Covent Garden and Clerkenwell and the Thames?

Our new place really feels like home. The landlord left the place spotless and all our new furniture was put together and ready to be used. Everything is brand new, which makes the inner germaphobe in me able to totally relax. Who wants to sleep on someone else’s mattress? And we have Internet! The move went really well. The cab picked us up at 8am and we were all unpacked by just after lunch. Phil actually went into work yesterday and the whole thing was seamless. We ordered a bunch of items off Amazon, which shockingly all showed up as of this morning. And now I’m getting dirty looks for hogging our new-found Internet connection, so I’ll cut this short. All in all, it’s great to be here. Our neighbours seem really great and other than the council house next door and the prisoner half-way house down the street, I think we should fit right in.

Consider these pics as the “befores.” As you can see, I lost the rug war, but I’m still really happy with the place. I need to add some personality though. It’s feeling a bit like a hotel room.

IMG_20130531_130657 IMG_20130531_130711 IMG_20130531_130747


5 thoughts on “All moved in

  1. Haha, I love the part about fighting over the 4-pronged fork! For our wedding registry, we somehow ended up choosing a cutlery set that has all 3-pronged forks, which I’ve gotten used to, but probably wouldn’t do again.

    • That’s hilarious Diane! I’m guessing the cheap Ikea ones probably wouldn’t have ever gotten better. What are you supposed to do with quinoa or rice? It just slips in between.

  2. Curious to see what you do with your new digs.

    and check this site out, if it’s anywhere near you? i found it while dreaming of travel…

    Brick Lane is known for Bangladeshi-owned curry restaurants, but other culinary attractions linger in the diverse south London neighbourhood. Chinese tea tasting, kosher bagels, and street food from bustling markets – including spicy chicken wings and slow-roasted ribs – all feature early in this leisurely two-and-a-half-hour stroll. Later on, local craft beer and London’s best pork crackling with warm apple sauce are other tasty diversions.

    Contact: Walk Eat Talk Eat (

    • Thanks Aunty C! We did go to Brick Lane when we first got here, but I think we’ll have to go back. It wasn’t that busy and we weren’t hungry, so we didn’t get the full experience.

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