I can taste it

I had my big meeting today. I purposefully didn’t mention when it would be in case it went horribly wrong. I walked in to a deliciously decorated, modern and somewhat whimsical office space. I was greeted by a very warm, approachable receptionist. Two of the girls working there were waiting to leave to go to some gallery, which had me very intrigued – what gallery were they going to and can I come too? Their boardroom has rows of books stacked on floating, white shelves and the words “think bold” sat on top in bright orange. I wanted to dive in to their library so badly. The large Carrera marble, slab table is definitely the focal point of the space, which is surrounded by very comfortable, white modern chairs. A giant television has a scrolling showcase of their projects on display and written on one wall is quotes from press that they had received. They definitely aren’t afraid of a little colour, which I love.

I’m glad to report back that the meeting went better than I ever could have asked for, which makes me want to work for Yoo even moreso. This is exactly why we moved to London – to have experiences we could only dream of in Vancouver. I honestly could have stayed and chatted all day about design and their business and the comings and goings of the world. My interviewer was beyond nice and we talked for close to 40 minutes. Since I didn’t know if they even had a position available and I had just requested a meeting in the hopes that they met me and loved me, I thought after 10 minutes he might say “Why exactly are you here?” I was greatly relieved when he mentioned that they actively recruit people that are a good fit for the organization whether there is a position available or not. So despite my hair growing in size exponentially from my place to their office and the printers messing up my portfolio (the borders look horrible and the images are all blurry, but I did leave it until yesterday, so I am partially to blame), I really couldn’t have asked for it to go any better than it did. The company has not had any designer quit. For a team of 18 designers, that is really impressive. Bonus points – they had one designer move to Germany, so they accommodated that and kept her on as a freelance designer. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of company you want to work for? Like I’ve said before, isn’t it nice when it’s just easy? When there’s a flow and it just feels right, you just get a sense that the world is your oyster (or rather your Oyster card in London – taking you wherever you want to go). I’m really on cloud nine right now and don’t want the feeling to end.

So now the waiting game begins. Luckily, it’s moving day tomorrow and we haven’t packed a thing, so that should keep me pretty sidetracked.

Can I make a request of you, my darling friends and family? If you would be so kind as to leave a note about why Yoo should hire me, I would greatly appreciate it. I thought it would be a nice way for them to get a sense of who they’d be working with. Also, I gave the URL of this blog to my interviewer, so there is a high probability he will check it out, which totally terrifies me and makes me want to go back and read every word I’ve ever written. I promised to be honest though, and that is what this blog has been. Wish me luck, or rather, envision me success – I prefer to create opportunities rather than just wish on a star that something might appear! And if I sound like I’m brown-nosing – make no mistakes – I absolutely am!

Do I look interview ready?

Do I look interview ready?


21 thoughts on “I can taste it

  1. Hey Tara!! I have never heard of this company before, but the passion oozing out of this blog has me beyond intrigued, I will check it out for sure! If your potential employers need any insight into the grass roots of your love for all that is interior design, I can lay out a story of two 5th graders who dedicated every weekend to Bob Villa, Trading Spaces and countless other HGTV and TLC shows! Not sure tool ol’ Bob had 2 more dedicated 10 year old fans than you and I. Yoo will be so lucky to have a dynamic designer like you on their already fabulous team! Go knock their socks off!
    Sending love!

  2. From my memories of you in class, you were one of the most driven, clear-minded and capable students in the BCIT program. You challenged the norm of the class, pushing the students around you and even the teachers to work in a genuine and relevant way. I was so impressed that you decided to strike out on your own after the Certificate. The success of your design company, not to mention the fabulous photography taken of completed projects, is a great marker of your talent and passion. Yoo would be lucky to have such a brave Canadian on their staff!

  3. I met Tara at a business incubator program about seven years ago. Immediately I was impressed with how bright, creative and fun she was. When I bought an old house Tara came in and did a beautiful and professional design for my living room (including full drawings, furniture placement, and even a list of the suppliers/sources) that managed to capture exactly the look my husband and I were after. Personally, I find Tara to be a great person to talk to, very forthcoming, good natured and passionate about design. I don’t think you could go wrong adding her to your team!

  4. Hello Tara,
    Hmmmm….must have been delightfully and deliciously terrifying as this is exactly what you have been preparing for for basically your entire life, ever since you watched Bob Villa’s TV show called this old house when you were about 10 years old.
    You and I have been on this incredible father/daughter experience around personal development, team building, exploring and learning about business, what is culture about and how can we be in and help to contribute to an amazing culture journey for at least 10 years and this company sounds like it it “The Place” for you. For your own development and that they would appreciate and benefit from who you are and the skills and experience that you have.
    Everyone that has ever had the experience of being on a team with you, including me, raves about you and wants to be on a team again with you.
    What may not come across, is your amazing tenacity, so as your Dad I can take the liberty of telling a story.
    The story is of you when you were playing softball, and I was the team coach. We were at a tournament and we made it to the gold medal game and it was hot that day. Really hot. You were about 14 years old I think.
    As the pitcher there was a lot of pressure on you that day.
    The game was very close and at the end of regulation innings the score was tied.
    We had played for about an hour and a half in scorching hot weather, and because the game was for the gold medal and tournament championship it could not end in a tie. One team had to be the winner.
    You had worked so hard during the hour and half and with it being so hot out you looked fatigued, but the game went on for another 6 innings, or about an hour.
    You and the team were exhausted and I will never forget, you also got hit by a line drive. The ball, traveling at over 70 miles an hour slammed into you.
    You could have and probably should have quit right there and then, but you would not stop pitching until the game was over and you were determined that your team was going to win.
    And win you did.
    It was amazing and so much in character for you. You never quit. I am so proud of you, then, now and always.
    Your Dad the entrepreneur.

    • Thanks Dad! You have been my coach – for sports, work and personal – and have always been a huge cheerleader for me! Thanks for supporting and encouraging my dreams.

  5. I have had the pleasure of working with Tara at Coca-Cola. She is a very bright and keen sales and marketing person. She has the ability to think outside the box and connect with people. She is very proactive, positive and motivated in all her endeavours and exudes charisma! A few years ago I was trying to sell my apartment in Vancouver and Tara generously offered to provide her services to stage it for me. It sold 2 days later. Tara has very good listening, understanding and responding skills when it comes to customer needs and always accomplishes what needs to get done in a timely fashion. She is very organized, can multi task and works well individually as well as on a team. Tara would be a great asset to any organization and I wish you all the best on your future endeavours!

  6. Hey Tara;
    As you know, energy follows thought and you continue to have both going at high gear. Keep up the confidence, because you are worth it!! I’m sure that once you get a little more settled after your move this weekend, to your longer-term flat, your thought and energy levels will kick into higher gears – especially with the Yoo group!! If there was such a good, mutual connection in your first meeting with Mat, your interviewer, and your 10-15 minutes extended to 40+ minutes, I think your natural personality took over your interview jitters, and I think you passed the “it’s a good fit” test.

    And thanks again for all your pre-listing help in preparing my condo for sale. As my Realtor gloating again today, that “his team” (which includes you) handily outsold the competition. Everyone LOVED the colours, the staging that didn’t look like staging, and the fact that my middle unit with only North-facing windows, blew away the upper floor, larger, sub-penthouse end unit with North, East and South windows.

    Now I’m a little sad that I sold but I have a couple of other ideas brewing, and may be knocking on your Internet door soon; soliciting more great ideas and plans………

    Your blog postings are always a joy to read. You’re an inspiration!!

    Have a great move weekend (or is that have a moving weekend)!!

    Cheers & Love,

  7. Top 3 Reasons ‘yoo’ would be lucky to have ‘you’:

    Dynamic Creativity: Since your style is chic, innovative and creative, and you’re also a savvy business thinker, your strengths really align with yoo’s mandate, goals and vision.

    Canadian Perspective: John Hitchcox discusses the importance of “placemaking” and how people want to live in urban villages. After years of living in Vancouver you have a lot of Canadian Culture expertise. With so many Canadians living in the UK I’m sure you could offer “added value” with your perspective to potential clients.

    Beyond Design: Your passion and interests go beyond design. Your passion for environmental sustainability fits well with yoo’s social and environmental commitments. Like WHOLE WORLD water. Very cool.

  8. Hey Tara! I love reading about all of your adventures in London! I think that you would be a great asset to Yoo’s team. You love interior design and have an amazing passion for your work, I know you would be a dedicated and hard working member of their team. And my parents bathroom turned out amazing! My mom love’s her closet as well! You did such an amazing job with the design. I will have to send you some finishing pictures.

    Take care and lots of love,

  9. Hey Tara! It’s pretty brave of you to find the right place and then just go there and apply for a position that doesn’t exist. Reading your description it seems that feelings are mutual and you’ll get what you want – job of your dreams and Yoo will get the best employee that they could dream of. You’re slowly delivering your view of things to me (through my wife) and I almost stopped liking IKEA, so you should be doing something right – if you can get through the walls of resistance (like mine). Just concentrate on your move and weekend and you’ll get the call that you very deserve at the moment when you don’t even think about it anymore. Really glad that London seems to be working for you guys (much better than Russia worked for us). Lisa says hi and “I’m a better writer than her, but she’s certainly better driver” Cheers, Petr

    • I’m glad your wife got you to comment Petr! I know Russia didn’t turn out quite how you had hoped, but at least you did something different and took a risk. I think you guys were brave to try out Russia – especially since Lisa (at the time) spoke no Russian. I doubt it will be something you look back on with regret. Besides, it prepared you foe winter in Edmonton!

  10. Tara and I met as design students working for Restoration Hardware, shortly after graduating, we launched our dream business, Treoma Design. With her departure to London, I may have lost a business partner (for now…) but I know I’ve gained a life long friend. If there is one person that I can say I would be excited to work with on a daily basis, it’s Tara. She effortlessly balances her passion and drive to succeed with a genuine and authentic desire to make her clients happy. She constantly thinks outside the box, and strives to push the boundaries of what design should be (which can sometimes be a challenge in Vancouver). She is organized, detail oriented, and never satisfied with less than perfection. I’ve been following her adventures in London through this blog, and am so proud (and slightly jealous!!) of all the exciting things that are happening in her life, she truly deserves each and every one of them! Can’t wait to see how this story plays out.



    • You have no idea what this means to me! When we ended our partnership for my move to London, many people would have been pissed off and upset that I was leaving, but you handled it with such grace and support. We’ve gone through a lot together, and I’m so glad to have had you as my business partner and to have still remained great friends.

  11. Tara – what’s the impact of these comments on you? I can only imagine. Actually it might be worth a new blog. Love, Dad

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