Bank Holiday Weekend

I think my post about the job situation, and correct me if I’m wrong, left some with the impression that I am in a state of despair. I want to assure you that life is really not so bad. I wake up in London with endless possibilities of what to create.

I’ve really taken everyone’s suggestions on the job front very seriously. I had no idea what an amazing resource everyone could be and how willing to help. The creativity and ideas left me in a state of awe. I’ve got a few juicy ideas that have come out of all your brainstorming, and I’ll continue to share what I’m up to. That’s a little scary. It leaves me open to fail very publicly and at the same time it gives me access to all your brilliant minds.

For this weekend though, I am enjoying a long, Bank Holiday weekend – the second one in May. On Saturday, I met up with a long, lost acquaintance whom I’ll now call friend. She’s the daughter of my Mom’s friend. Good luck following that string. She grew up not far from my grandparents and cousins, so our families have known each other before Moira or I were even a blip on the radar. Moira suggested a great, little hangout in Clerkenwell, Workshop Coffee, where I met up with her and her girlfriend Megan. Side note – my french toast was absolutely amazing; however, I’m still pondering where the other half of it went. I haven’t seen Moira probably since we were kids, but it was like we had known each other for years. Megan was right on the same page and so interesting to talk with, too. It was just easy. Isn’t it nice when it’s easy? After a couple of hours we realized we should probably free up the table for people who will spend more money. They are off to Croatia. I wish them bon voyage, with a hint of jealousy. Their experience living in London has not been as easy as ours, although it does make for great stories. Why is it that bad experiences are the best part of recounting a trip? Something to remember whenever anything seems hard and trying.

Sunday the sun popped in. Phil and I made our way to Greenwich. We intended to see Queen Mary’s house and check out the Maritime Museum, but instead lay in the sun and absorbed some much needed vitamin D. It has been cold here and we figures there would be lots more rainy days where we could go see stuffy, old buildings. Besides, laying on the finally manicured royal lawns, surrounded by Christopher Wren architecture and sipping a mojito is not a bad way to spend a day. We did go see the equator line where the world’s clocks are all set to Greenwich Mean Time. I’m still kicking myself for not setting my watch to the clock. I love being on time. How fabulous would it be to know you’re on time right down to the second?

Sorry – no pictures today. Our Internet is ridiculously ridiculous, so I’m lucky to even be getting this post out.


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