4 Years Today

4 years ago today, I married the love  of my life. I get that I’m lucky. I wish every woman could have the opportunity to spend every day with someone who loves and cherishes them as much as I know Phil cares for me. And I feel compelled to express that even moreso after watching this video. Be forewarned, this is a tear jerker.

God, it puts things into perspective. In the context of life today in this moment, I am so grateful to have met Phil. We have spent a total of 3533 days being each others partner and confidante. And I still look forward to when he walks through the door after work. No matter how bad my day or what life throws at me, I have Phil to talk me through it. I have someone that supports me in all my craziness.


There was a time for us when we were scared about the future and what it looked like. Phil’s health caused us a lot of concern and worry. And while I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, it did help us with perspective. At a young age, we got to really appreciate what being healthy is all about and what the important things in life are. That, for the most part, we spend a lot of time wasted worrying, stressing, or under appreciating other people. I want to live like Zack. What would the world look like if every day I just had pure love for others, nature, the present moment and every experience (good or bad)?

That’s all. And by that’s all, I mean that’s everything. That is what life is all about.




3 thoughts on “4 Years Today

  1. Tara and Phil,
    Happy Anniversary!
    I’m not sure what touched me more, you’re story about how much you are in love and love each other or Zach’s story. Thank you for sharing both. They are incredibly moving, and it is so heartwarming and inspiring that you choose to live the way you do.
    You are blessed and a blessing.

  2. Happy Anniversary Tara and Phil xoxox!
    I usually am not a fan of the heart-warming stories. You stay warm and fuzzy until some &%$*) jerk waits too long to turn on an advanced green and you have to sit another 5 minutes until the next green light and then you are back to your old negative ways. Or you buy into it too much and you figure, what the hell, I might as well go and by that new car – I may die tomorrow so why not – and end up alive and more in debt.
    I guess what it boils down to is what is this crazy life about? And the best answer is it’s about love.
    Love you guys xoxo

  3. thanks for the reminder,

    happy anniversary…
    health and happiness to you both!

    cheers, i’m having a lovely mango lemon rum celebratory cocktail, with strawberries on top, ahhhhhhh de-lish!

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