To onesie or not to onesie?

With being in London, there is no more wearing t-shirts to work. It’s collar shirts and dress pants. Of course I packed my belt that fits my dress pants (along with my dress shoes) in the boxes that will be shipped to London next month. So, Tara and I checked out a store that had dress belts for £2.50, but of course none in my size. What they did have is something that would keep me warm and avoid having to pay the hefty electricity prices for heating here. So I figured, I would try it on:

Phil trying on the monkey onesy at Hudson

Phil trying on the monkey onesy at Hudson


Numerous stores actually had huge selections of onsie’s – from Superman to Batman. I’m not sure if it’s just a fad or if it gets so cold at night here that you need to wear one. Yvonne – any insight? I think you could be the Queen of Onsie Parties here.


4 thoughts on “To onesie or not to onesie?

  1. Hey Phil,
    It’s great to see your first blog here, and love the outfit. You’re a blast! I must admit, I’m a little curious about the onesie, as in “why”?

  2. Yes! Keep the onesies. When Sylvia and I went in July we froze. We had to buy woolen outfits. Mind you, that was 1971! Perhaps global warming has hit!

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