What to do…

When faced with these options this summer:


Easy Jet Map

What’s a girl to do? How do you choose?

An update – went to my second Zumba class on Wednesday. It was smack dab in the middle of tourist central in London. Kind of surreal to be walking past all the theatres and tourists in my workout gear. The class was in a restaurant/bar called Tiger Tiger, which I found very perplexing. I stood outside making sure I was in the right place and followed in the first person I saw in leggings. Luckily, she knew what she was doing. We walked by people in their business attire to the depths of the restaurant, where they had a lit up dance floor and disco balls. Made friend #2 – the girl I followed in. It was humorous hearing her say that the salaries in London don’t reflect the cost of living. That is many people’s big complaint about Vancouver. At the end of the class, I walked out through the restaurant that was now packed with people all looking at these sweaty ladies coming out from some basement somewhere. I’m sure it must have seemed strange.

The Dance Floor

The Restaurant Area


10 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. Tara,
    Are those “real” prices for airfares? OMG, if they are I’m moving to London.
    Where is it inspiring you to go?
    I’m trying to picture you Zumbaing on that dance floor. Must have been a blast!
    Your blogs are amazing!

    • If by real, you mean one way and only on a Monday or Tuesday, then yes, those are real prices. I’ll have to keep playing around with flights more. Someone told me about a site called Skytracker or something like that to find the best deals.

    • If by real prices you mean one way tickets and flying out on a Monday or Tuesday, then yes those are accurate. Someone told me about a site called Skytracker or something like that to find the best deals.

  2. Talk about making people feel guilty – sashaying by in your workout gear while they’re wining and dining. What a great place to workout! Why the different location from the first Zumba class?
    Just to let you know wages don’t reflect cost of living here in Victoria either! And that’s not going to change anytime soon as the Liberals won the election – again. Interesting though, Christie Clark didn’t win in her riding which I think means she has to step down as the premier.

    • I don’t think I was making anyone feel bad. They all looked fabulous in their theatre attire. There are 7 different Zumba locations, so I’m trying out a couple of them. Went to another one today at a YMCA. They’re all really different.

      • thanks for checking out the best zumba classes and restaurants for me! How does the music compare? Do the instructors use the same songs? You’re fortunate to have different classes to choose from, i only have one option unless i want to drive into town.

      • The music is all very similar, but so far the moves haven’t been, which leaves me spinning and hopping in the wrong direction half the time. We will definitely have to go when you’re here!! It’s a lot of fun!

  3. Tiger Tiger is a bit scary in smaller English towns, like a brash, drunken clubland version of Earls or Rogue. A touch “chav-y” if you know what I mean. Also, beware Vodka Revolution, unless you want to wade through teenagers getting plastered on every kind of mixed cocktail you can make with vodka, in a space made entirely out of red plastic (chandeliers, vinyl banquettes, bathroom stalls…).

    • Oh – good to know Robin! It was probably a little early (19:00ish) to have turned completely into a “brash, drunken clubland” yet. Although seeing an red plastic, adult playground could prove interesting and give me something to write about on here.

  4. Consider, when you are at the amazing trade shows next week to be asking everyone you meet what their problems are. Think about asking what their unfulfilled opportunities are and ask what is holding them back from realizing on them? So, in a word, talk about the things that you can solve for them, as a designer and as a business person and a wordsmith and as the amazing you that you are. Ya?

    Think about creating a business card that states clearly – what a great problem solver and opportunity make it happen person.

    Maybe have 2 business cards. One for problem solver and one for opportunity make it happen person. Having 2 business cards would make you unique and unforgettable. Ya?

    The key to getting hired, whether or not there is an opening, is to customize your approach. If not, you won’t stand out or get an interview.

    Companies hire people to solve problems (both positive and negative). Your ability to uncover your target employers problems and position yourself as the solution is what will get you hired even when there are no job postings.

    Here are a few potential problem areas. Completing projects on time and on budget, improve product quality, improve service, increase sales, reduce costs, enhance online marketing, etc.

    Once you isolate a problem area, where you have experience, identify the hiring manager and focus your marketing campaign on delivering answers and recommendations to that person.

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