The Travel Bucket List – Part I of Lots

Ever since we found out we were possibly, maybe moving to London – meaning as soon as it was a thought in my head – I started daydreaming about all the travel possibilities. It’s almost too much. Where do I not want to go? Maybe that is a better question. Here’s a starting point:

1. Morocco. I imagine colour and pattern overload with enough inspiration to fill my entire design career.

(image via

2. Austria. Much of Phil’s heritage is from Austria. His great grandfather was born in Neudorf, Galicia, Austria. I can trace back their time in Galicia to the late 1700’s. Scratch that. After doing some very basic research, Galicica was originally part of the Austrian Empire, but now straddles the border between Poland and the Ukraine. I am absolutely fascinated by family history, so now we may be going to the Ukraine as well. As some of you well know, I’m going to continue my genealogical dig until I come across a king or queen to whom I can attach myself with. So far, it’s looking grim with mostly blue collar workers and people my Grandma says “wouldn’t get their picture hung on the our family wall.” To be fair, I don’t think I could eat my breakfast looking at them. Now I have to include an image.

John Ferris – my great, great, great Grandfather (1812 – 1896)

The hills are alive…

(image via here)

3. Egpyt. Our banker told us about Sharm El Sheikh, and I think it could make a great escape from the cold and grey some time in the winter.

I think I could relax there.

(image via here)

4. Scotland. Come on – I’m a McDougall at heart, aye. Don’t worry your wee pretty little head – I don’t have any more scary, old relatives to show you.

The Edinburgh Military Tatoo. Nothing like the sound of a bagpipe.

(image via here)

5. Germany. I’ve heard amazing things about Berlin and how they’re all very health conscious and green. I think that might be a good place to cleanse my lungs of all these smoking Brits. The Berlin wall would be interesting to see.

(image via here)

Anybody have any suggestions? Maybe places I wouldn’t normally think of? Or a little bed and breakfast somewhere rural? I like the idea of getting outside of the major cities.


14 thoughts on “The Travel Bucket List – Part I of Lots

  1. Berlin was a great city to visit with a ton to see, you should also try and hit Oktoberfest in Munich if you can. we spent 4 days there in 2008 and I would go back in a heartbeat!

    There’s also a great area in Italy called the Cinque Terre that we recommend to anyone that asks us about our time in Italy. 5 old villages nestled in the mountains on the north west coast. we stayed in Vernazza, lots of hiking, swimming and amazing food and views. (lori has an album on facebook from our 2008 trip if you want to see what it looks like)

    Ireland is worth a visit too, Dublin was a blast, we did a bus tour through we did the 3 day southern rocker and had an amazing time. 2 day celtic weekender trip might be perfect for a weekend getaway 🙂

    If you’re looking for tours around england and scotland I would recommend (sister company to shamrocker) we did the cornwall crusader trip in england and highland fling in scotland.

    Tell Phil I say hi 🙂

    • Thanks Chris! That’s a great list! I was thinking about Oktoberfest, but thought it could be a little dangerous for a person (Phil) who loves beer, but beer doesn’t love him. I’m sure the atmosphere alone is worth checking out. I’ve been to Cinque Terre – it’s at the top of my favourite places too. Phil hasn’t been, so I should add it to the list! And Ireland we visited in 2008 for 2 weeks, but I’m sure since we’re so close we’ll go again. I’ll check out the tours you’ve mentioned! Great ideas! Hope all is well out your way!

  2. I have a good laugh every time I see that picture of our long lost grandpapa. You know, you take away all that hair/beard and he kinda looks a little bit like Daniel Day Lewis no? Maybe a bit of a stretch.

    You have some amazing places on your travel list Tara. I’m looking forward to seeing you in London and where we go from there, who knows:)

  3. It’s a bit closer to your base but Petr and I loved Wales! I’m sure you could go there for a weekend but you’ll probably need a car. We stayed at a B&B that was amazing and close to Mount Snowdon – don’t worry there’s a train so you don’t have to walk up! Which reminds me… have you heard about the 24 hour mountain challenge all those Brits seem crazy about? Something about hiking (perhaps running) up the highest peaks in Wales, England and Scotland in 24 hours! Sounds like a nightmare eh?

    Oh here’s the B&B info: Good luck trying to pronounce anything – your Russian is probably better 🙂

    Can’t stop there – also I found the Baltics (not to be confused with Balkans) beautiful. Vilnius and Riga have some beautiful architecture! Stockholm too, although even in the summer when we were there it wasn’t that warm. And Petr loves Kiev so you can add that in on your family discovery trip.

    I think you’ll find lots to keep you busy!!!

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