Zoom Zoom Zumba

So I forced myself to acknowledge my comfort zone, say hello and then trample on it. I bought a Living Social deal for 16 Zumba classes. No – I have never Zumba’d before. No – I’m not particularly coordinated. No – I’m not a professional dancer. And no – I had no friend to drag along to somehow make going easier.

It was time for me to leave the house and start to meet people though. Of course, getting some exercise is always a great side benefit. As soon as I saw the instructor show up, I thought, “This was a bad idea.” In walks a beautiful, Amazonian black woman with muscles on top of muscles. Her died blonde hair is in perfect, tight curls that bounce just as much as she does. She moves to the music with a natural ability that most in the class will only ever aspire to. The smile stuck on her face never moves, and I keep wanting it to reach her eyes and for her to feel the smile. The music is lively and Latin, with a bit of “Sexy and I Know It” thrown in there. I somehow end up at the front of the class, while those who know better hide behind.

I glance at the clock and am relieved to see that there is only 20 minutes left, but realize many minutes later, that I forgot to incorporate the mirrored position of the clock, which means that there is actually 40 minutes left. I survived though and felt so much better at the end. It was fun vibing to the music, and at some point, I stopped caring what everyone else around me was doing and whether I looked good doing it.

As I was leaving, I wanted to just revert back to my comfort zone and dash for the door, but I took a breath and said, “Thank you,” to the instructor. I told her it was my first Zumba class ever and that I’d just moved here, so it was great to get out. The teacher said I did really well for my first class, which I’m sure she says to everyone, but I actually didn’t care whether I did well or not. I had already made up my mind that I would try it again.

A woman standing close by overheard our conversation and introduced herself.  She said she was originally from France and that she remembers how hard it is to move to another country. We started chatting and walked out together. I was fascinated that she is helping to start an elementary school for children who learn differently or at different paces. She also mentioned that there is a great place for meditation just down the street from Zumba. Amazingly, I think I might have a friend!


4 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom Zumba

  1. Hold off on the judging until your LAST Zumba class, the more you relax into it, the more fun you’ll have, or so it went for me. I found Zumba on holiday, and was never able to find a class to fit my schedule, when i got back to reality, (returned home) and i miss it! So before the working world snaps you up, and your time clock fills up, enjoy every step…
    and remember, your new friend will be there!

    • Thanks for the advice! What I like about the classes here is that they are 45 minutes and not the full hour, so it seems more feasible to fit it into your schedule. Although, the one yesterday was the full hour. Hope you had a fab Mother’s Day!

  2. There’s a Zumba class at my work on Wed. and I keep meaning to check it out. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun. I remember when I first started Jazzercise I felt like such a tool trying to get the moves right. Once you get it down, it’s a fun way to work out. Nothing beats dancing to the music.

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