This one’s for my Mumsy

This might be the first Mother’s Day I miss being with my Mum (that’s how they spell it here). This is the hard part of being a 9 hour flight away. I’m lucky in that my amazingly thoughtful cousin, Monique, is making sure my Mum is included in a dinner celebrating our Mum’s and Grandma tonight. I seriously have the best family.

For my Mum, it won’t be the same as having her kids there with her. My brother has his head down in an intense 1-year program to become a sound technician and has committed to getting the most out of the program by spending every waking hour at school. Needless to say, he won’t be making the journey from Vancouver to Victoria. And, as a family, we are just so grateful that he has found the thing that makes him sing. What greater Mother’s Day gift could there be?

But today is not about what isn’t or can’t be. Today is a day to celebrate my amazing mother.

So my Mum is unique. I don’t even think she’d be upset if I said quirky. In fact, I think that would be a compliment. She makes me laugh  until I cry. When we were kids, she let me throw end of the year parties after each completed school year. We would splash in the pool and eat watermelon. It was an event we’d look forward to all year. She wouldn’t just throw us birthday parties at McDonald’s. She would go the extra mile to incorporate themes into our birthdays and make them extra special. Usually mine purposely avoided any Christmas theme and my brother would usually get some superhero – Batman or Ninja Turtles being the ones I can recall more readily. If we were inside on the weekend or after school (heaven forbid watching TV), she would force us outside to get some fresh air. She would take us to the park to play catch or ride our bikes or play street hockey. Fresh air was always the goal. If we were inside, we should go outside to get some fresh air. If we were staying inside, we needed to open the windows to let the fresh air in. In hindsight, it’s made me the fresh-air-obsessed individual that I am today.

She was always and still is my cheerleader. She would be the loudest in the stands at my softball games and at every one of them. If I’m dealing with something, she knows what to say. She knows how my thoughts work and what’s important to me and reminds me if I’m down. She’ll give advice that she thinks is good – even if it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. She’ll question me when no one else does to make sure I’m doing the right thing and have really thought about what I’m doing.

She knows (or at least I hope she knows) that my success is largely a reflection of her being a solid stand for me in my life. She was the foundation and security for me to have what I wanted in my life and sacrificed a lot to ensure that my brother and I were first priority. She’s what everyone wants in a mother and what I am lucky enough to have. I absolutely cherish you, Mumsy.

Isn’t she the cutest?


3 thoughts on “This one’s for my Mumsy

  1. oh my, this brought tears to my eyes,
    i’m going out to enjoy the day,
    Mother’s Day is such a lovely time of year…

  2. Oh Tara. Thank you for saying such nice things about me. I was lucky to have such two wonderful children. I enjoy every minute of being your mom. It went by so fast! You went from being a little bambino to a young woman in a blind of an eye.

    I was just telling someone how much I enjoyed having that semester and summer with you in the cabin. You were just finishing your 4th year at UVic and I was just starting. We had some good laughs in that little cabin. We never did get used to the spiders though and had to call Grandma or Grandpa down to get rid of them.

    You’ve taught me so much about life. That picture on your wedding day brings back such good memories. You were so beautiful, inside and out. Remember the manicure? OMG I thought we would never get out of there, Tofino time I know, but that was rediculous.

    I’m so proud of you and I know that good things are going to come your way in London.

    Love you xoxo

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