At long last, thanks to my dear Aunty Caroline, the hair problem seems to be somewhat solved. Apple cider vinegar is a miracle. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. It seems like a great alternative to conditioner in general. My hair is honestly so soft.

And thanks to my McAllister, I have a very high performing hair dryer in England. It only took me about 30 minutes to get through my layers and layers of hair. Do women actually do this every day? I’m obviously late to the game – I usually can’t be bothered to do much of anything with my hair. Thank god for hair straighteners! They were invented for lazy women with crazy hair like mine. Although, with the level of sophistication here in how people put themselves together, I’m thinking a good blow out every couple of days will be a necessity. It’s funny – I wouldn’t mind paying someone else to blowdry my hair for me. It would be a luxury. But in actuality, it would take probably twice as long to go to the salon, sit there and then pay. And yet it still sounds fantastic. Maybe that’s because my arms feel like Jello after being raised for so long. Double duty – straight hair and an arm workout.

And just as I step out this morning, it starts to rain. Now that I’m back inside, it has stopped. Of course! However, this may be shaping up to be the best day so far in London. As I was walking along the street – cursing my umbrella for being so cheap and uncooperative – a girl, with a French accent, walks by and comments that she really likes my outfit! I fit in! I think I get bonus style points because she was French as well.

So now that I’ve got a bit more pep in my step – also thanks to glorious caffeine – I get to check out my first design show: Grand Designs Live. I sincerely hope it’s better than the BC Home & Garden Show. At the first sight of a mop that also is capable of making dinner, I’m out of there.

I should also fill you in as many were concerned about Phil. He is much more relaxed at work now and has figured out the transit situation. Although, there’s not much you can do about rambling drunks that consider the train a great place to meet new people. His new colleagues took him out for a pint after work yesterday. He was most surprised that none of them were big drinkers. He was quite concerned that they’d find him strange and awkward, because his Hemachromatosis doesn’t allow him to drink much. The opposite was the case though. Some of them were even vegetarians, so Phil could eat his meatless pizza in peace yesterday! It’s funny how we project what something is going to look like and most times we are wrong. Actually, pretty much always we are wrong.

And I’m no longer sick. I’ve been better for the last few days. Forgot to mention that. So I guess I’m not allergic to London after all.



8 thoughts on “Hair-tastic

  1. Your hair sounds a lot like mine (crazy, too), and you might want to consider a product made by Matrix called OptiSmooth. It’s a Canadian product, distributed also through the U.S., but I found it overseas in South Africa so I’m sure you could probably find it in London as well? (And if not, you can do what I do now and I have my old stylist in Canada order it for me – at cost – and then friends and family bring the box with them on their next visit to the US or I pick it up when I go home). It lasts 6+ months, and will blow your mind… straight out of the shower with wet hair I can now let it AIR DRY (these were not words EVER in my vocabulary before) and it dries straight – and with the swish of a hairbrush it looks like I’ve used a flat iron on it for hours. My hair is so stubborn it took two applications to get it totally straight, but lasted over 6 months and is absolutely no questions asked the best money I’ve ever spent. It used to take close to an hour and a half to blow dry and straighten my hair, and now it takes 15 minutes – tops – if I am going out somewhere fancy. I wrote a blog post on it the first time I ever had it done, which also shows some photos: Good luck! 🙂

    • Wow Krista! That sounds amazing! That what I’ve always dreamed of – wash and wear hair. If this works, I think we should start UK distribution of it because there seems to be a lot of hair like ours over here. Thanks for the tip!!

      • Tara – I WOULD recommend having it applied by someone who knows what they’re doing, especially your first time when you’ll still be gauging how well your hair takes the treatment. You’ll need to do “strand tests” where you tie strands in knots to see how well it’s working, and if you didn’t know what to look for it might end up being a bad deal. That – and it would also be quite difficult to flat-iron it at the back in the VERY (paper) THIN slices you need to in order for your entire head to be ironed straight during the treatment. But I’m sure you could manifest someone in London like I did here in San Diego who USED to be a stylist for 18 years, but now only does friends & family hair from her home, and who agreed to do a business trade with me in exchange. 🙂 Being that my hair is stubborn as an ox, as I mentioned above it works best for me personally to have two treatments done each time to get it totally straight, so if yours is the same you’ll DEFINITELY want to have a go-to person in London dialed in so you can keep them on speed dial for whenever you need another application.
        And as for U.K. distribution– I’m TOTALLY game!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. wow – great ideas on hair product. Being a curly head, always a challenge. But what happened? I missed a blog obviously? London makes you hair different? Anyways- love the blog ( so much). it really is a great way to hear how you are both doing!!! TERRIFIC BLOG! Sending love, Auntie jo

    • Thanks Aunty Jo!!! We are having such a great time! The hard water is making my hair go greasy and gross. So I’ve been on a mission to figure that out so I don’t look like a drowned rat the whole time we’re here. It’s always good for us crazy hair people! Try the apple cider vinegar. Just dilute it with water (50/50). I heard Boogie was amazing this year! I’d love to hear more!! XO T

  3. Maybe that’s why the Beatles were called mop tops – the UK water created the look of the ’60’s.

    Your hair’s really grown though, Tara, since you’ve been there. You definitely get double points for being complemented on your attire by a french woman. I went clothes shopping today at Winners and did some damage: new sandals, capris, 4 tops, 2 tank tops, and 1 sweater. Definitely could have used your help. I was driving the girl nuts in the dressing room trying to decide what to keep and what to discard. I had my calculator out trying to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. It was no easy task.

    Can’t wait to here how Grand Designs Live went. I got your Elle Decor magazine in the mail. Nice treat. I’m going to take Nootka out for a walk, come back and have some tea and flip through the magazine. Nice way to end the long week of learning about trauma informed practice in addictions.

    I’m glad that Phil is fitting in. You are right that often preconceived ideas are often wrong.

    Love you,

    Enjoy the weekend

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