You’ll see me at The Savoy

I keep forgetting to mention this. I get this from my mama – using the best hotel washrooms when you’re out and about. Phil and I happened to wander into The Savoy hotel to use their washrooms. Boy, did we feel out of place! It’s only the fanciest hotel in London. So I held my head high and walked around like I owned the place, which was for quite some time – that place is a maze. And they were the best washrooms we’ve seen so far in London.

Yes - here's me wandering around having a great time in my wedding dress

Yes – here’s me wandering around having a great time in my wedding dress

Front Hall

(all images via The Savoy)

Here’s their newly renovated restaurant, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill.

How Kaspar's Seafood Bar and Grill will look

(image via Design Week)

The hotel was the first of it’s kind and opened in 1889. They pioneered luxury hotels and were the first to have electricity and constant running hot and cold water. I don’t even like camping without those amenities these days. As you can imagine, many famous people have come and gone from this hotel – Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Laurence Olivier, The Beatles. It recently reopened in 2010 having been refurbished. They did a good job if I do say so myself. There are many Art Deco influences. At the time it was built originally, Art Deco was becoming very popular. This is also the first place Princess Elizabeth was seen in public with her suitor, Prince Philip in 1946. Little did I know that while this Phillip and Elizabeth were using the hotel’s “royal thrones,”  that that Philip and Elizabeth had done the same so many years prior. So many similarities really. If you want to read more about the building, it’s quite fascinating. Here’s the link to Wikipedia.


4 thoughts on “You’ll see me at The Savoy

  1. Love it! Chris and I also visited the loo in the Savoy last May when we were in London! Great minds….
    Loving the updates, keep ’em coming!
    PS – there’s talk of a possible work trip to LDN in July… nothing concrete at this point but fingers crossed!!

    • Yeah!! That would be wonderful darling! Where abouts is your office in London? I’m starting to get to know where everything is, but I usually get distracted by a croissant on my way.

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