Reality *doesn’t* bite

Reality doesn’t bite for me at least. Phil is back to work today. Apparently, he had a treacherous time finding the new office, so let’s hope he’s not rethinking this whole London thing by the end of the day. Who puts an office in Welwyn Garden City, anyways? I think they should relocate to London. I’ll have to note that issue for next years Christmas party or maybe they have a summer BBQ.

Apparently, BBQ’s are all the rage in England. Yesterday was a bank holiday – one of two in the month of May alone. We were so kindly invited to a BBQ yesterday by a friend of mine’s fiancée. He is one of the few people we know in London, so we happily agreed to meet up with him and his work colleagues in Archway (which, according to Guy, is the other side of the planet, but not all that far from where we are).  I’m happy to say we survived without trying to keep up drink to drink with the Brits. I say Brits lightly, because of the 10 or so of us, only 6 were born and bred Brits, which fits in perfectly with the 40% of London in habitants that are from other countries. The hostess was so welcoming and, once again, I have to comment on how absolutely friendly everyone is. I didn’t take any pictures. I didn’t think that would be very cool of me. I was equally impressed with their full size fridge and dishwasher. Something I have yet to see anywhere else. And as the music from the gangsta, next-door neighbours surrounded us and the neighbourhood cats scurried about our feet, I couldn’t help but compare Canada and the UK. I found the Brits to be so honest. It was refreshing. No topic was off limits, and I have to admit, my reserved Canadian ways cropped up. These are conversations I wouldn’t even have with my closest friends back home and yet here it is somehow acceptable. I had no judgement towards them for sharing whatsoever. Instead, I found myself in my own head wondering what I was alright discussing. So thank you Guy for introducing us to some amazing people!

On a side note, I’ve decided that dreadlocks are the way to go, and I should just stop fighting with my hair.

On another side note, I’ve done up a very basic floorplan of our new place. I can’t quite seem to get the bedroom to work. Keep in mind there are radiators under both windows. My Interior Design friends – any comments or things you can see that I haven’t seen?

Islington Flat

Lastly, on another side tangent, we walked along Regent St and checked out Liberty – London. Regent Street was packed full of shoppers all vying for sidewalk space. For the most part, I loved the architecture and the surroundings, but the stores themselves were the same, American chains we can find anywhere. So for the most part, we just sat back and watched.

Liberty of London was started in 1875 by Arthur Lanesby Liberty, with a £2000 loan from his future father-in-law. He was largely involved with the Arts and Crafts movement in England, which supported well made products by artisans and craftsman – largely a rebellion to the Industrial Age of mass production. Liberty became known by the aristocracy for their impressive patterns and fabrics.

Regent Street

Regent Street


8 thoughts on “Reality *doesn’t* bite

  1. Hi Tara,

    My goodness, what an absolutely first class adventure you are having, and isn’t that what it is all about!

    It’s a great big fascinating world out there and it is so perfect to see you and Phil out there, diving in, being open, engaging and…and surrendering at the same time, like with your hair. I laughed so hard when I read that 🙂 Seriously though, you guys are on such a perfect journey, perfect not in the sense that everything has to or will go perfectly (ergo Phil’s first trip to work), more like perfect in the sense of there are places in the world that are super open (perhaps shockingly so at first), places where business flows easily (definitely not so in beautiful Vancouver), places where people are amazingly and brilliantly just different, and you just cannot get that by watching it on a screen or reading about it. You guys are living it! Immersed in it! Perfect! It’s already changing, in a cool and good way, your neural pathways, opening up ways of thinking and creating that will and are changing your path in the most unforeseeable, delightful and amazing ways!

    Whew, that was a bit of a tangent.

    Sending you both tons of love,


    Please do let us know if Phil makes it home!

  2. Oh man, that’s a small bedroom! Mine in Kits is very similar, and I’ve had to put the bed length-wise down the side of the room. Not ideal for two occupants, although I’ve seen little corner shelves used as a bedside knook to make up for the lost table on the other side. Then you would style it like a day bed, with cute pillows against the lengthwise side. You could also put the bed against the window, as long as you have an airy bed frame (wrought iron?) to let the light shine through. Then you could do away with the closets you’ve shown, and replace them with a chest of drawers that would double as a bedside table instead. That Pax wardrobe is enormous. Can it be turned along the door wall? Best of luck in your wee place! I’m sure it’ll be charming.

    • Thanks for the tips Robin! I like the idea of doing something like a day bed. The place had no furniture it in when we saw it, so it wasn’t until I did the floorplan that I realized how restrictive the size is. Unfortunately, some of the tiny, awkward closets are built in and can’t be removed. I’ll play around with it some more.

  3. Nice little tidbit of historical information. Did you know that there was no such thing as addictions before the industrial revolution? We discussed this in my addictions course I’m taking this week. This supports my theory that work sucks and we have to get high to get by. Just kidding – sort of.

    And here I thought barbeques were a North American thing. Women around the world unite to handing over the cooking duties to the men. Pass the wine ladies.

    I like Robin’s idea of having the headboard against the window by getting a headboard that you can see through. I don’t know if this is very feng shui though.


  4. p.s. It looks like Londoners are having the same problem with hair maintenance from looking at your picture of Regent St. (three blondes (bleach) chatting). If you see someone with good hair, maybe ask them how they achieved it.

  5. Linny, i didn’t notice the 3 blondes, i was looking at the architecture, what a hoot!

    I hope Phil made it home today, that would have been stressful… go to the pub Phil

    no comment on the bedroom – i’ll leave that to the professionals

    and i showed Grandma your blog, what a treat for her to be able to read about your adventures.

    • Aww… Thanks Caroline for showing Grandma! I really appreciate that! I’ll have to write them a letter. Maybe that will be motivation for them to get on this things called the Internet. And Phil made it home, but it was a rough day.

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