Already a week

Can you believe it? This time last week we were just getting to our temporary flat with all our luggage in tow. This week, we feel like a local – crossing the road even when it says “WAIT,” not walking around with a map, having a regular coffee place, finding my equivalent to Whole Foods, having a flat to let and bank accounts set up. All in all, a pretty productive week.

Then we come to things that no one told us about moving to London.

1) My hair will be a greasy, matted mess. I think because of the hard water. So far it just gets increasingly worse with each wash.

2) The washing machine holds about 5 pairs of underwear at a time. To be fair, Nicole did warn me that the laundry situation was dire over here, but I honestly thought she was exaggerating. There is no dryer either, which isn’t really an issue for me, except that there’s absolutely no room to hang anything and the place we’re letting is supplied with one broken drying rack.

2013-05-05 18.25.07

3) Not sure if allergies are to blame or a cold, but something has made my throat swell up and my nose run. It feels like allergies, with itchy eyes and the whole bit. The thing is – I haven’t had allergies since I was a child and that was to dust. I’m hoping it’s temporary and will go away on it’s own.

4) There are so, so, so many people. Obviously, I knew this to a certain extent, but to experience it first hand, whenever you step our your door, and no matter what day of the week it is, can get frustrating. Our new place is set on a quiet, private road, and I’m starting to appreciate that more and more. I should clarify, where we’re staying currently is also a quiet neighbourhood. It’s just that as soon as you leave our street you are basically at Kings Cross, which is one of the busiest transit hubs in all of Europe.

5) People are incredibly friendly. I know I mentioned that before in a previous post, but I wanted to reiterate it, since we are still finding that to be the case. Just don’t go into any of the really high end furniture stores. They’re still a little snooty. I’m hoping that will pass once I can say I work for such-and-such design firm.

6) The food has been reasonably priced and delicious. We have found some amazing vegetarian places. I’ll have to start a list of where we’ve eaten. Today, we ate at our favourite place we found on our last trip to London – Food for Thought. For £13, we ate all this at lunch time. The stew was amazingly, delicious. And the Scrunch dessert was the reason we went back.

Every so often, it hits us that we are here to stay, and we have a moment. Already, we are finding it easy to take everything for granted. We realize not everyone gets an opportunity like this, and that we need to take those moments to sit back and take it in. Today, it happened while we were sofa shopping. We were sitting in John Lewis, and all of a sudden it was apparent we weren’t at The Bay (John Lewis is similar to The Bay) and that everyone had English accents and that we were a 8 or 9 hour flight from Vancouver. And instead of complaining about having to spend our time looking for furniture, we should be grateful that we have a great landlord, who is letting us assist in furnishing the flat and appreciating that we were able to rent a place so quickly and easily. Perspective!



9 thoughts on “Already a week

  1. Tara or is it Terha 🙂 Did you decide on that? They say……. the infamous “they”, that if you write something positive, do a 10 minute meditation, journal every day for about 10 minutes that within 30 days you will have rewired your brain to be incredibly positive.
    What’s really cool about this is that you have been doing this for a long time and I would hazard a guess that your blogging is another positive reinforcement.
    Keep it up! Love the appreciation that is all over your blogs. LoVe iT.
    It is great too that you are aware that there are ups and downs about being where you are and where you are not, and it is so clear that you are keeping it all real. And that it is ok to lose it maybe once in a while or not.
    I am off to LA again, so we can maybe compare notes on appreciating where we are.
    I just love you so much and love and appreciate your blogging. It is helping to stay connected with you and Phil and that is so important.


    PPS – in regard to your sore throat, go and get some bee pollen that is local to you, from a health food store and that will help your system adapt faster to the local pollen which is what could be making your throat sore. So says Laura.

    • Hi Dadio… I haven’t made an official decision on the name. So far I haven’t had to use it much other than writing it down on many forms. I really want to get back into the Transcendental Meditation work. I think it would be really useful right now! Have fun in LA!
      Love you!
      PS. The soar throat seems to have gone away, but the sniffles have gotten worse. It’s possible it’s just a cold. Does Laura have any suggestions for hard water? Should we not be drinking the water?

  2. This morning I stepped outside to take Nootka for a walk in my p.j.’s in the back 40. I’m not sure how I would be stepping out to Kings Cross rail station. Might be a bit of a shock. For everyone.

    Really cool suggestion from your dad/Laura regarding the bee pollen. Worth a try. Perhaps expensive, as bee pollination in London may not be easily found. As for the hard water and hair dilemma, you just have to find the right product. Talk to the experts. As for drinking, wouldn’t hurt to try some bottled water such as fresh spring water from the Kokanee region of B.C. Canada – just kidding – but perhaps it might not hurt in the transitioning from Canadian to U.K. water.

    The realization that this is for the long haul I can imagine can hit you like a ton of bricks. I’m so happy for you that everyone has been so helpful and friendly. Even with your hard to tell the difference between, American and Canadian accent.

    Love you two lots and look forward to you next post. xoxo

    • We’ve been sure to subtly hint to everyone that we are Canadians. We sat with a woman at the vegetarian restaurant yesterday, who was so kind and was telling us where to go and what to see. The restaurant is so packed that you have to sit with other people. Not something we do in Canada. As you know, we like our personal space. But it was actually nice. You’re forced to meet different people. It turns out she works in an architecture office. Unfortunately, she didn’t know about any jobs, but said there are lots of architects in the area, so not to worry.

      • you could use the name “Precious” and be new best friends with “Pippa” hahaha
        i can see it in the tabloids now…

        try the old gargle with warm salt water and a huge dose of vita C, about the hair, also on the frugal side, vinegar rinse.
        my tips for the day…

        now my quote for the day

        to the cool reggae beat – the words of “Ziggy Marley”
        So don’t let know one stop us,
        Free spirits have to soar,
        With you, I share the gift,
        The gift that we now know,
        Oh, Love is my religion
        All we need is love..

        gettin’ in the mood – he’s comin’ to Victoria!!!

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