Papers Signed and all Designed

We met our new landlord today. He is a super nice guy and another techy. I can’t seem to escape them! The meeting came with good news and bad, and I have been having an emotionally all over the place day. The good: he is willing to let me help him choose all the furniture. This is definitely very good! And the bad: his budget sucks. And he’s already put ugly, custom rugs into place over beautiful, newly installed hardwood. Unfortunately, the rugs are a necessity of the building in order to reduce noise. If I have to design around those rugs, I might as well throw in the towel now. The room will end up looking like an old lady’s living room.

I was feeling pretty down about the whole situation and missing the freedom I had in Vancouver to buy my own stuff and make it look just so without consulting anyone. Well, except Phil from time to time. And we won’t talk about my ship’s wheel.

So I’ve decided I’ll do what we’ve done through this entire move – negotiate.

Here’s my furniture design. Keep in mind my budget, which is abysmal. Actually, I don’t have a set number I’m working with, so I just made it up as I went along.

furniture plan

Let me know your thoughts. In order to get him on my side, I’ve done a full budget, so that he can say “yes” or “no” to the whole package. Who else gets a package from an Interior Designer for free? Alright, that is me being a bit cocky.

My thought was to go with a monochromatic colour scheme and mix high and low. With a neutral base, I can add colour and texture with accessories and art. Note: old lady rugs are gone and replaced with geometric, black and white options. Space is also an issue in the new place, so I’ve considered scale and function. The desk will do double duty as a table. The barstools will tuck nicely under when not in use. The nightstands are actually dressers. And the coffee table is on wheels and can tuck out of the way.


7 thoughts on “Papers Signed and all Designed

  1. Tara,

    Ah, but there’s no grime. You could always “add a bit to the budget”, get stuff that’s more to your liking, and what you’ve shown here looks quite nice! And very practical and usable. Well done!

    And you’ve got a nice landlord and that’s worth something.



  2. I think furniture with dual duties is a very good choice in any sized room. It is, for me, a lack of color in the scheme, but as a person who loves color, I know its a choice. All and all, I think the pieces you have will be a great thing for you guys. Enjoy yourselves. Wish I had the nerve to do it. I can’t move within my state, let a long another country. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting!! I absolutely love colour too! I’m hoping the neutral colour scheme will appeal more so to our new landlord. If this was my place, I would be a lot more daring. Especially in London – they seem more bold with their designs.

      • Hi Tara,

        Now that was an interesting insight that you shared, that the designers in London seem more daring.

        I am so curious to hear how living in London influences your amazing sense of design.

        Much love,


  3. I like the relaxing airy feel of your design scheme Tara. It will be a nice place to escape the hustle and bustle of London. Is there a way to add a couple of folding chairs? I know we have a small space and having a couple of chairs to be able to pull out for guests is always handy. And will the couch do double duty as a pull out bed in case someone like your mother comes to visit (hint, hint)?

      • Jolly posh. Nice to know you’re thinking of all of the crazy relatives coming to visit you in the U.K. – if they let us in, lol

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