From Brick Lane to London Bridge

Today was jam packed, with enough chill moments to make it enjoyable. We got off to a slow start at our (now favourite) bakery. The barista today has family in Vancouver, so we bonded over that commonality. We grabbed some groceries and wine from the local supermarket. In fact, I think I’ll have to start detailing the wines I have, so that I can keep track of the good, bad and the so-so. And I had completely forgotten about the macadamia nuts that Glen gave us as a going away gift. Come to think of it, maybe they were actually intended for Phil for his birthday. Too late! Thanks Glen!

Macadamia nuts

Sorry the pictures are so pixelated. I suppose I need a good camera (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). We left Kings Cross and headed to Brick Lane in East London, which is famous for their curry’s. Not well planned on our behalf – we had just had lunch and weren’t hungry, so we had to say no to the restaurateurs who harass you on the street to come into their establishments. Apparently, the trick is to hesitate when they ask you and then they drop their price by about 20%. I will have to go back to confirm that this works. The neighbourhood is lively and more gritty than where we’re staying. It appears to be hipster paradise between the vintage shops and the independent coffee houses. Although, most of the residents of this area are Bangladeshi; whence, the onslaught of curry options. Thanks Tamara for the recommendation to check out this area!


Brick Lane is famous for its graffiti

Brick Lane is famous for its graffiti

Mom and Krev - Bob Marley and Mick Jagger together, who would have thought!

Mom and Krev – Bob Marley and Mick Jagger together, who would have thought!

Since it was such a beautiful day, we kept wandering and stumbled upon Boxpark, which is an amazing idea. It’s  the world’s first pop-up mall and it’s located in Shoreditch. They used shipping containers to build the entire mall, which is low cost and gives opportunities to restaurants and stores that might otherwise not be able to afford a store front in London. Although, Nike was occupying a large percentage of the bottom floor. I was relieved to see it was empty. We decided we better do our part and support small business, so we had a beer and a cider with chips on the sunny patio.


They had a better picture than I took, so I borrowed it from their website.


Since the sun was still shining, we kept wandering and ended up at Old Spitafield’s Market. I honestly couldn’t have planned this better. They have antiques, restaurants, art, and clothing. I was in heaven and passing off the experience as sourcing work for my future Interior Design job.

This picture really doesn't do it justice. The building has been modernized and has amazingly designed restaurants on the outskirts of the market.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice. The building has been modernized and has amazingly designed restaurants on the outskirts of the market.

Phil quickly tired of the market, so we kept walking and ended up at London Bridge. Apparently, the original bridge was sinking into the Thames, so the Brits sold it to an American, who has resurrected the original London Bridge in Arizona. I’m really having  a hard time picturing that. The new one was constructed some time in the 1970’s.


After walking all over London the last couple of days, we thought we’d do the touristy thing and hop on a boat up the Thames. As with all touristy things, you always end up feeling slightly ripped off. The view was amazing though and the weather could not have been better. We saw Big Ben and the Parliament buildings. We cruised past the site of William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and got a sense of where the main attractions in London are located. All in all – an amazing day!

The London Eye in the background

The London Eye in the background



9 thoughts on “From Brick Lane to London Bridge

  1. I can see where we can loose a day Tara, at the market when I’m out. Did you notice a difference in the language in East London?

    We had another sunny but brisk day here on the coast. Looks like you did too. I’m glad you’re getting good weather while Phil’s off work to explore the area.

    It’s Nootka’s and Guinness’ birthday today!! We didn’t do anything too special since I had to work late. But I did get a chance to take him balling in the loop so he was happy.

    Hang on to your Canadian accent eh. Grampa will be very upset if you come back sounding like a couple of lymies (his words, not mine).

    • Haven’t noticed much of a language difference, but there are so many different ethnicities that sometimes I don’t know if someone is speaking English or some other language. And we will definitely hit up some of these amazing markets while you’re here!! Love you!

  2. Just a minor clarification. I’ll take all the credit for the macadamia nut contribution, but it was June who contributed her last can — but for a good cause. Boy, you must have been excited at the airport and plane ride to have forgotten about your macadamia nuts!!

    Looks like you had a well deserved and very nice day of being real tourists.

    Cheers and Hugs from the 3-some……


  3. You’re a bloody good blogger young lady! The city looks so nice and clean, not quite how I remember it. It’s first class to see you and Phil having such a great go of it. Living life to the fullest! Pip pip! Love, Dad

    • Brick lane is superb, great shot!
      Just got home from work, it’s Deb’ s birthday today and we shared some plonk to celebrate…
      Tara, i booked a week vaca in the TeePee in Vernon for the family reunion thru Airb&b, thanks for the tip, i’m so excited, Deb is on board, we just have to convince momsy to come along, we’ll stow her away somewhere, think Thelma, Louise and Linny lou hou, ha!

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