To the Birthday Boy

I want to say a big Happy Birthday to the birthday boy today. I honestly have the best husband in the world and I love any day where I get to appreciate him for who he is – loving, kind, considerate. He is the most thoughtful person I know and will do anything for anybody.

Phil and a cupcake

Phil is doing what he does best – eating a cupcake. We found Hummingbird Cupcakes, which I believe was started in New York and is famous for their cupcakes. They were deliciously overpriced. It also was located next to Jamie’s Italian restaurant. This bit of information is for you, Aunty Caroline. We will have to go check it out when you come to visit!

This cute little coffee truck was parked outside of Jamie's Italian

This cute little coffee truck was parked outside of Jamie’s Italian

I wish Phil’s birthday was all about him, but that isn’t how the day panned out. We had to make a decision on which flat we preferred, since things go so quickly here. So after much negotiation between Phil and I, Phil actually won! I can hear the gasps. Of course, he won by default, since the cute, little Victorian that I loved ended up having an offer on it and was gone by the time we made up our minds this morning. So we are officially moving into what has turned out to be the perfect place for us. It’s newly redone, which means no one else has left their grime behind – and believe me, we saw a lot of filth when we were touring with the agents yesterday. And the landlord is putting all new furniture in, so I might get to have a say. And the neighbourhood is so picturesque and close to a huge park. Phil’s walk to the train is only 10 minutes. So it actually worked out incredibly well. One of the best things is that our move in date is for May 31st, so we get to take full advantage of the free rent we have until the end of the month. I love when things just work out so well! Hard to believe that we’ve got almost everything sorted out and it’s only Wednesday.

I also wanted to mention how amazingly friendly everyone has been. Before we came, I had a preconceived notion that Brits were kind of standoffish and reserved. Everyone has gone above and beyond for us. We had to do quite a few things at the bank today and met a young banker, who ended up telling us about all the best places to travel to and what we should look for in public transit. He probably spent about an hour with us. We’ve actually found the people to be incredibly warm and welcoming. All the estate agents have been genuinely kind and have driven us all over the city, just to help us get our bearings. I know – that’s their job – but that wasn’t our experience in Vancouver with realtors who were making way higher commissions than what these people get from letting a flat.


3 thoughts on “To the Birthday Boy

  1. Tara and Birthday Cupcake Man,

    What a heartwarming blog. You are so lucky to have found each other.

    And a huge beautiful blue sky too! Congratulations on the flat!

    It is very nice to hear that the “standoffish” Brits are not that way at all, and I can’t help but think that maybe it’s your beautiful and friendly energy and openess that is bringing out the best in people.

    It’s also clear blue sky here.

    I love you both…”THIS MUCH”.


  2. So nice to hear you found a place to hang your hat. Things have really come together for you two crazy kids. Does the landlord know you are a interior designer? He/She may just let you have at it as far as putting the pad together.

    Go Nucks Go. We have caught Canuck fever here. First game is on as we speak. They are playing the Sharks so Paul is in a win win situation. Louuuuu’s in net. We’ll keep you posted.

    Just got back from taking Nootka on the loop. We are having really great sunny weather here and I’m lovin it.

    Love you two. xoxo

    Back to the game.

    • I did mention I am an Interior Designer, so hopefully that gets me some credit. I was also contemplating doing a design in 3D to show what is possible with the space. I heard the Canucks lost. I guess Paul is happy at least. XO T

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