The not so perfect 2nd day

I suppose I jinxed myself yesterday. As Phil rounds out his last day of being 30 (another 2 hours here, but he’d probably prefer to go by Pacific time), I once again dragged him around London. Only today I put a real twist in things and lost my cell phone – just to keep the day exciting. We spent the majority of the day with details, including looking at flats and setting up bank details. After our first viewing of the day, with a very enthusiastic agent who thought Phil’s company PayByPhone is the bee’s knees, we ran to the bank near Kings Cross. About 3/4 of the way through our meeting, I grabbed for my cell phone (correction: mobile phone) and panic ensued. The phone was not neatly tucked into it’s spot inside my purse. However, after just discussing the option of having technology insurance through our bank, I kept my cool and sat through another 30 minutes of the meeting calmly trying to listen about how to transfer money and other mundane tasks. The thought of getting a spiffy new mobile for free kept me from breaking down in tears and running for the airport.

After the bank meeting, we dashed for our flat and dialed my phone number – direct to “This mobile customer is not available.” Not good! Phil being the practical and level-headed one calmly walked me through changing every password I had ever created and deleting every email that might have a shred of any detail in it. In my mind, the phone was gone – stolen by some lowly Tube rat. My apologies to said Tube rat – the phone was left in the back seat of Agent #1’s car. Deep sigh of relief!

By that point, we were on to Agent #2 of the day and feeling much relief. The three flats she showed us were fantastic, and it felt like our luck had changed. We went right from Agent #2 to Agent #3. Agent #3 would be considered the young, go getter of the group and thought showing us six flats would be to our benefit. Now, we are having problems remembering what we’ve seen and which ones we’d prefer. Here’s a couple of pictures of places we checked out:

Warehouse Conversion Loft

Warehouse Conversion Loft


Top floor with large balcony in Alfred Hitchcock’s previous studio building


Newly refurbished flat in a great location


Adorable but small flat in an old, Victorian building

To celebrate surviving Day #2, we went to a cool, little fast food Mexican joint – Chilango. Delicious!


9 thoughts on “The not so perfect 2nd day





    And you are so happy that you are there and I am hear so you didn’t have to hear me sing it!!

    Hope you have a great day, on your Birthday, tomorrow!!

    Love Dad & June

  2. Well, it sounds like Day 2 had a couple of twists, but it seems to have turned out OK — the restaurant looked very inviting!!

    The pics of the flats look interesting. Everything happens for a reason. The reason you moved into your 535 sq ft Yaletown condo was to get downsized-ready for London!! I’m sure by the end of tomorrow, you will have chosen your flat and will start moving on to the more funner stuff.

    Have you ventured out to where Phil will be working? I’m sure you have that all scheduled into the Tara-Plan!!

    That’s all for now. No real news from here; and any news in our lives would definitely pale to the exciting and fun stuff you two are doing!!

    This blog is great. Maybe you are missing your real calling, Tara — writing travel/tourism blogs/books.

    Cheers & Love,

    Dad & June Bug

    • We haven’t ventured out to Welwyn Garden City yet. There’s not much a draw to that area and at 20 pounds to head there each, we’re holding off for now. Thanks for checking out the blog! We’re off for birthday pastries now! Love Tara

  3. Happy Birthday Phil!! We will have a cupcake in your honour. Lol

    Looks like the sublets are more than sub par. Can’t wait to see the one you choose.

    Seriously, be careful when you are out and about in London. Apparently it’s one of the fraud capitals of the world – or someone is just telling me this to give me something else to worry about.

    Are you letting everyone know your are Canadian? Are you having troubles with the language? Did you know that Kate and Wills are in town to celebrate something. Word on the street is that it’s Phils’ birthday.

    • Everyone has been really nice so far! Come to think of it… Maybe they are scamming us. Don’t worry Mom. We’ve got everything under control. The hard part is deciding now and figuring out how to get enough pounds to make all the timing work. Love you!

    New b-day year, new city, new phones, new job, new flat – what a year coming up for you!

    Just got home from work myself, old job, old house, ancient “mobile:”, same city, ho-hum, Glen is right, not much to tell…

    Keep blogging, boogying and bombastin’ your way thru London!

    auntie Caroline, xoxo

  5. It’s now 6:38am in London on May 1st, so Phil it is definitely your Birthday. Wishing you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER! All 33 hours of it.
    We are all blessed to have you in our lives!
    Tara – puleasp keep writing, as you really have a gift for it! Really living vicariously through your words!
    Much love, Dad

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